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May 2022

Key Visual Feuill-IT-ong

The metaverse has made it to the WEF, one in eight companies is planning to use quantum computers, and Elon Musk is grappling with Twitter bots – there was again a lot going on in the tech world in May. We have summarised the news of the month in our usual sharp-tongued way.

by Tabea Ulla Thor

Have you preferred to let the sun shine on you rather than your laptop screen in the past few weeks?

And now you're wondering whether you might have missed some important news?

Then this article is made for you!

Read in brief what has been happening in the tech world in the month of May. You won't get any vitamin D, but you'll get some mood-brightening satire – at least as dry as a summer's day.

Our tech news overview of the month of May:


Swiss Social Democrats want to ban 5G technology from China

For security reasons, it was deemed unadvisable to let an autocratic state have the technical means to exert influence.

The Swiss government is now hoping that it will soon be possible to buy such services from eccentric multi-billionaires in order to be no longer dependent on shady autocrats.


Ransomware causes delayed flights for Indian airline

The flight provider SpiceJet reports numerous incidents of this kind.

Previously, the malware was tested for years on Deutsche Bahn for its reliability. To avoid further such attacks, the blackmailers demanded 1 million dollars or 10 free sandwiches on their next flights.


Netflix cuts 150 jobs in the USA

Due to falling subscriber numbers, the redundancies are necessary. This affects about 400 employees who shared the 150 employment contracts.


The WEF wants to enter the Metaverse

Klaus Schwab, co-founder of the World Economic Forum, wants to establish a global village for international cooperation in the digital space.

The members of the World Economic Forum in their own parallel universe? It's hard to imagine.



The metaverse allows collaboration in virtual spaces, extended physical locations and a mixture of both. Accordingly, it offers enormous potential to open up new lines of business and completely reshape the interactions between customers and companies.

Want to know more about it? Read this!

Twitter purchase by Musk delayed due to disagreement over bot volume

To settle the matter once and for all, Musk conducted a Twitter poll:


Scientists run computers for a year on electricity from algae

The technology uses the energy that algae obtain via photosynthesis.

For disposal, the battery can be consumed after use with some rice and soy sauce.


Soft skills more important than expertise according to study

According to a survey by GULP of more than 700 self-employed and permanent employees on the decisive skills for a career, so-called "soft skills" such as communication skills, the ability to work in a team or a respectable appearance are often more decisive for success than technical skills.

Experts assume that computer scientists will nevertheless continue to find jobs without any problems.



What makes GitHub Copilot every programmer's dream? Find out here!

What are the requirements for a successful machine learning solution?Read this for more info!

What can data tell you about your customers? Get the answer here!

One in eight companies plans to use quantum computers

According to a survey by Bitkom, one in eight companies is thinking about investing in quantum technology or is already experimenting with it.

The remaining seven companies are afraid of finding a dead cat in the delivery box.


IT Army of Ukraine receives Cybersecurity Award

The war started by Russia is considered the first official cyber war in history, in which volunteer IT specialists from Ukraine and around the world successfully defend themselves against hacking attacks from Russia.

In the future, Putin wants to focus on easier targets again, e.g. manipulating the US presidential election.


Seth Green may not be able to continue planned show due to his Bored Monkey NFTs having been stolen

The actor is working on a series in which the monkey pictures were to play a central role. After a phishing attack, however, they no longer belong to Green.

Seth Green is now considering whether he should simply draw an ugly monkey himself to continue the show.


Hacker attack paralyses Lucerne public transport display boards

After a cyberattack, all buses were running as scheduled, but the digital boards no longer showed the departures.

According to reports, many traumatised passengers were now forced to consult the analogue notice boards, only to await the arrival of the bus in great uncertainty.

The Format

*Our "Feuill-IT-on" format is created in collaboration with the two freelance writers Tobias Lauterbach und Daniel Al-Kabbani who occasionally contribute to the satire platform "Der Postillon". Under the pseudonyms Strigalt von Entf, and Tabea Ulla Thor they report on current events from the world of technology – always with a wink! ;-)


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