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I am an expert in ...

... data-driven business – data is the raw material to be harnessed.


What I like most about IT:

The fast pace of IT – you have to stay on it – makes it incredibly exciting.


What I don't like about IT:

Buzzwords and generalisations – IT is broad, so you have to be specific and precise.


I find data useful because ...

... there are an incredible number of use cases/applications for it.


My biggest IT dream:

Being present and able to have an influence on the diverse use of data – in the private as well as in the business field.


My fondest memory of IT:

Helping humans with IT as a company.


My favourite gadget/tool/software:

Home Automation – everything that helps to function automatically.


If I were a gadget, I would be ...

... I would rather be human.


My favourite website:

The new Trivadis website


The future brings ...

... even more IT based on data and facilitation through automation.


The best invention of all time:

Processors for all kinds of devices such as computers, smartphones, etc.


My greetings & wishes to the IT community:

Keep it up and have fun ...


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