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I am an expert in ...

... solving complex problems. I am an architect at heart and have a special forte around conversational AI as well as (distributed) data mesh architectures.


What drives me:

To make things simpler, easy to understand and impactful is what drives me. Leveraging data and AI to get at complex problems, make sound decisions and innovate to create a better, sustainable and fairer future.


How I stay up to date:

For daily updates, I leverage my LinkedIn network and read several news forums (FT, Les echos, the guardian, etc.).

I regularly listen to a number of podcasts – usually about ethics or humankind. Some of my favorites are “Your Undivided Attention”, and the podcasts by Simon Sinek, and Brené Brown.

Moreover, I have recently been doing some work with BetterUp and there learned to "continue difficult conversations”.


My biggest professional challenge and what I learned from it:

My biggest challenge was and is to double the growth of the data & AI business whilst the broader Accenture and market are still struggling to come to grips with what it means.

In this context, I am still learning how to evangelize and collaborate broadly with all parts of the organization to get the message through and get people to have a “data first” mindset. What has already become clear is that pivoting the narrative is a long and hard journey which needs constant focus and rehashing on the same messages in different contexts and media with different lenses ... I am thinking of creating a robot to help out. 😉



... building a photorealistic 3D twin of the entire Earth? Find out in our podcast.

... reducing the amount of hate speech on the internet? Read this article for more info.

... detecting pneumonia at an early stage? Get all the insights on the topic here.

What Applied Intelligence means for me:

A new set of tools to reinvent a better future. I am a big fan of small data (rather than big data) in the sense of quality data products that enable sound decision making and power incredible innovations across industries as well as the next generation hybrid workforce (powered by digital workers).


Something new I have just learned:

Value is not necessarily founded in action! It can take time to solve complex challenges. Thus, it is important to put the fish on the table and let things sink in before going into solutioning. I used to feel very frustrated by inaction or people “giving up” because of a particular constraint. I learn to navigate this better every day … It is often hard to trailblaze – patience, perseverance and creativity are key to creating new pathways.


My favourite emoji:



This person from the field of data analytics, AI or automation inspires me:

Andrew Ng – his brain power, creativity and the way he is anchored in the real world are really inspiring to me.


That's how I recognize a good idea:

It solves a problem in a new way.


My greetings and wishes to the Trivadis – Part of Accenture or the IT community:

I am excited for the community to bring a unique culture to the topic of problem-solving and an exceptional technology acumen to the Accenture community. Also keen for Trivadis to leverage our Accenture reach with clients and our own community culture to create new, richer ways to solve the hardest problems in the world.


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