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"Golden Like" for Microsoft

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This "Golden Like" goes to our partner in creative campaigns and visionary projects: A small token of appreciation for a large institution, thanks to their support, great projects have been realised over the years.

By Oliver Bosse

How do you have a long, happy relationship? If you enter this question into a search engine, millions of different results come up. It doesn't seem to be quite that simple. Nevertheless, keywords such as trust, communication, humour and spontaneity form the common thread in the seemingly endless flood of information.

However, the research would not have been necessary at all. Thanks to you, we know from our own experience what makes a good partnership over many years. It would be a bit trite to say that you do every crazy thing with us – so let's better say: You are even there when we want to hop around the home office with you as a pink alpaca. With you, we don't walk on the well-trodden marketing paths, but can play in the wide fields of creativity, for example, to bring action and fun into the home office with the first Swiss Home Office Challenge. In doing so, we not only give each other confidence, but also create it by sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for new technologies with everyone through Sparx. And best of all: This is a great added value for all our customers.

Until now, it was you who showed us your appreciation with a Partner Award. Now we would like to thank you with our "Golden Like". At this point, a multitude of superlatives and positively charged adjectives would come into question. However, we would like to keep it as uncomplicated and down-to-earth as our partnership: It is nice to know that you are on our side, dear everyone at Microsoft Switzerland.



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You are one of the teams that have mastered the translation of technical cloud services to understandable customer needs. If you compare Microsoft to Lego, we provide the building blocks and perhaps a cryptic construction manual for a normal house. Only together with you we can create true castles, dream landscapes and trendsetting visions with our common customers. And that with a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a pinch of craziness. Therefore: Dear Trivadis, thank you very much for the praise – we can only return it. We look forward to more inspiring projects, creative marketing campaigns and the next era of our partnership!

Maruscha Heyner, Partner Marketing Advisor Microsoft Switzerland

The Format

In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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