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"Golden Like" for Viktoria Prantauer

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Data is knowledge. And knowledge is power. We can use it to detect diseases at an early stage, for example. Nobody knows this better than Viktoria Prantauer: 3 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully treated. Since then, she has been campaigning for access to medical data to be democratised.

by Eliane Eisenring

"Medical data is not a commodity. It’s about human existence and it can save lives."

This statement, you mean more literally than one might think at first glance. And you are right. For data makes it possible, for example, to detect diseases at an early stage. Take breast cancer: at around 30.5 percent, it is the most common cancer among women in all countries of the industrialised world. Currently, doctors diagnose about 69,000 women with this disease every year – on average, one in eight women will develop the disease in the course of their lives.

As did you. In 2019, you were diagnosed with breast cancer. Your first reaction, as you say yourself: fear. But as the co-founder of a non-profit organisation specialising in AI, you immediately asked yourself how your experience and data could be used in the fight against cancer.

You found an answer: Your data and the data of as many other patients as possible can help to improve the AI-supported early detection of breast cancer and thus – thanks to timely treatment – save lives.

In the meantime, you are doing well again. Thanks to an early diagnosis, your breast cancer was successfully treated. This has even strengthened your commitment: together with the Hippo AI Foundation, you have launched the campaign "Viktoria 1.0". Your goal: to compile a set of data on breast cancer and make it democratically accessible. So that people all over the world can benefit from this data and the thus earlier desease detection.

After all, medical data should not be used primarily for financial gain. It should be there "from the people for the people". For this vision and your commitment, we award you, Viktoria Prantauer, the Golden Like!


The study "The Experience report - Oncologist issue" asked 1200 cancer patients in the USA, the UK and Germany what the biggest challenges were during their patient journey. Their four most frequent answers:
- Access to better information
- More involvement
- Increased holistic care
- Reduced organisational hassle

With the help of modern technologies such as data and artificial intelligence, healthcare institutions can help people overcome these challenges. Find out more here.

Dear "Binary Dreams" Team,
what a surprise and honour! I would like to thank you very much for the recognition.
Every affected woman is entitled to the best possible diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, we are far from that and still 50 percent of the global community does not have proper access to healthcare. We can counteract this through a fair distribution of medical knowledge. Life-saving knowledge in the age of artificial intelligence is based on data. Those who hoard data make it inaccessible to all who want to create medical solutions. We need to find ways to share data in solidarity and make it available.

Viktoria Prantauer, Co-Founder HIPPO AI Foundation

Source: REIF

Source: Ganz in Weise

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In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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