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"Golden Like" for Urban Lankes

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This "Golden Like" goes to Urban Lankes, Co-Founder, long-time CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trivadis until August 2021. A small token of our great gratitude and appreciation as we say goodbye.

by Oliver Bosse

It is only a small spotlight that we are shining on you today, but it should be representative of the great appreciation and gratitude of so many employees, customers and colleagues of yours. From so many people who are proud to be part of what you have built together with your partners over the past 27 years.

You have written a success story. One that didn't start in a garage like others in the IT industry, but at a motorway service station. And that's a good thing. Because what you have created together with your comrades-in-arms is different, not a copy. It is a company with its own character, its own culture, its own values and its own vision of how to use technology and data to improve people's lives and work. And you have managed to live all this with conviction and self-image: The basis for implementing numerous great projects over the years with a lot of commitment and heart and soul. Such great projects that your company has continued to grow, from Switzerland and Germany to Austria, Denmark and Romania. You have exemplified your vision – and thus not only improved the lives and work of others, but also of all those who are allowed to work for the company that you helped to build and have the opportunity to do the same.

No, these lines can never do justice to the claim of a comprehensive retrospective of 27 eventful years full of TechEvents, awards and successes. It is just a marginal note in the imaginary archive of federal folders documenting the achievements of you and everyone else who built this company with you. And above all, it is impossible to put into words the precious memories and experiences that each and every one of your colleagues has with you.

The laudation is certainly not Oscar-worthy, but one thing is for sure: a sincere recognition and admiration for all that you have created and achieved with Trivadis. Thank you for allowing us to write this success story with you – and we are convinced that you have already put pen to paper for the next one. All the best, dear Urban Lankes!



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IT services are actually very simple. You have to know what you can do and what the customer wants. Then, of course, you need committed and motivating employees - so you look for exciting projects for them. Unfortunately, this does not always coincide with the first two points. In growth phases, it's usually easy because you have something to choose from, but when the economy is tough, you need a good company culture to survive such phases. Trivadis has experienced many ups but also some downs in its 27-year history. But nothing has motivated me more than motivated employees. Thank you for the Golden Like!

Urban Lankes

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In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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