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"Golden Like" for Iuliia Klopot

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With their readiness to help and their selfless commitment, many private individuals have given hope to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Our Golden Like goes to one representative of this group.


Helplessness, fear, anger, ... The feelings that people in Europe and the whole world have been going through since the beginning of the war on February 24, 2022, can hardly be put into words.

It is unimaginable what, at that time, must have been going on inside of you – and in all other Ukrainians who had to fear for their homes, their families and loved ones, their lives, and those, who still do so today.

In this horrible situation, you and many of your fellow campaigners did something absolutely admirable and beautiful: you lit a metaphorical light of hope for countless of these people with various projects.

You made sure that Ukrainians are not left alone and, for example, are welcomed at train stations in Germany by people willing to help, found translators for them, provided an app and a hotline so that they can find accommodation as easily as possible, deployed IT specialists at NGOs, organized material aid, helped them find jobs – and much more.

One of the people who took the initiative for this was you. You set yourself the goal of bringing together all the great ideas for support projects and all the many motivated helpers from Accenture, coordinating them and thus ensuring that this light of hope can shine with maximum brightness.

Therefore, this Golden Like goes to you, dear Iuliia Klopot – representative for all #standwithukraine projects and especially the people behind them, who with their great commitment and heart do not let helplessness and fear prevail, but values like charity, readiness to help and friendliness.

Support for Ukrainian refugees

On the digital platform #UnterkunftUkraine, refugee Ukrainians are brought together with people who would like to provide accommodation. To register as a host*in or to get more information, click here!

Through the job platform "JobAidUkraine", refugee Ukrainians can find job offers from employers who are familiar with their situation and want to offer them a perspective. If you want to arrange a job or get more information, click here!

The fact that my country and my compatriots live in war or have to flee from it still hurts incredibly. This pain has become a constant companion, but so has the overwhelming feeling of gratitude to all the people in Europe who help Ukrainians in every way. I would like to thank everyone for this from the bottom of my heart – ЩИРО ДЯКУЮ!

Iuliia Klopot, coordinator Ukraine aid, Accenture

Source: zvg

The Format

In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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