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"Golden Like" for Hellen Fitsch

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Digital skills are becoming increasingly important in the working world. However, not everyone has the same opportunity to acquire them – this already starts in school. Hellen Fitsch tackles this problem with the "Digitale Lernwerkstatt". And thus helps to bridge the digital divide.

by Eliane Eisenring

Making the world a fairer place – that's the goal of many a one. But only few pursue it in a way that is systematic and purposeful enough to make a visible impact.

Not you. Your choice of study was already designed to make a difference: political science - because politics is the way to achieve social change, right? You quickly realized, however, that one of the places where change can happen most effectively is in organizations. And you acted accordingly.

After your attached PhD, you found yourself in the field of corporate responsibility. And here you are actually making the world a little bit fairer every day - by promoting equal opportunity.

This depends, among other things, and the longer the more, on digital skills. Especially in the working world, progressive digitalization is placing ever new demands on employees - the ability to deal with digital technologies, but also soft skills such as communication and organizational skills.

The digital divide is already evident at school: not all children have the same opportunity to learn how to use computers and digital media to their advantage.

This is precisely the aim of the "Digitale Lernwerkstatt (DLW)" which you developed together with your team and non-profit partners. On this learning platform for young people and teachers, there are currently 300 learning and teaching materials on topics such as fake news, digital professions or media literacy - and new ones are constantly being added. To keep the barrier for use as low as possible, content such as teaching units, learning videos or exercises can be downloaded without registration and free of charge. And this easy accessibility is showing results:

Since its launch in 2018, DLW has reached more than 10,000 users. No less than 18,000 individual teaching and learning materials have been downloaded and around 11,000 online courses completed.

That is what visibly changing the world looks like. And for the determination and doer mentality that has brought and continues to bring this about, we award you, dear Hellen Fitsch, the Golden Like!


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What an honor – thank you for this great award! Yes, I firmly believe that together, in many small steps, we can make the world a better place. And the learning of digital skills is a particular concern of mine, because children and young people can use them to shape their own future.

Hellen Fitsch, Corporate Citizenship Lead DACH, Accenture

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In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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