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"Golden Like" for DigiRehab

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It's no secret that care for the elderly is under increasing pressure. But how can we counter the increasing need for care and the simultaneous shortage of time and skilled workers? This "Golden Like" goes to the team behind DigiRehab, who has a solution for precisely this.

by Eliane Eisenring

The problem has been known for some time:
We are becoming older and older.
Care in old age is thus increasingly important.
At the same time, good caregivers are scarce and chronically overworked.

How can this situation be remedied? For example, by reducing elderly people's need for care in the first place.
You have achieved this with a tool that is as simple as it is effective: a digital training programme with which seniors can autonomously perform individual physical exercises.
The programme you developed first uses AI to carry out tests that assess the functionality, strength and mobility of patients. On this basis, it suggests personalised exercise units. Caregivers first explain the exercises with the help of demonstration videos on their tablet; then the participants can download an app and perform the training on their own.

Thanks to these exercises, elderly people remain fit and independent for longer and are thus less dependent on assistance in everyday life.

In concrete terms, the training, which involves two weekly sessions of 20 minutes each, reduces the need for care by 35 to 40 hours already in the first year – valuable time that caregivers can use elsewhere.

The AI in your programme also continuously adapts the training plans – this way, each participant has the best possible training incentives.

Helping people to help themselves – that is modern technology "at its best".
And for that, dear team behind DigiRehab, you get the Golden Like from us!

Care is not sexy, but it is important! Here, the practical implementation of digital solutions plays a big role. As DigiRehab, we want to contribute with our solution to be able to guarantee sustainable care in Germany for the future.
A big thank you to the Binary Dreams team for the well-written article!

Lars Jessen, Country Manager DigiRehab

Source: DigiRehab

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In our format "The Golden Like", we regularly honour individuals or institutions with a short eulogy who, in our eyes, have earned special praise for their achievements or where the appreciative thank you is far too often neglected.


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