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Chantal is calling ...

and says "Goodbye"

Something to smile about in the run-up to Christmas  – Chantal Schuler makes her very last call and relives her (prank call) experiences.


Chantal Schuler – a familiar name? Under this pseudonym we have made prank calls in the past months and "worked our way up" to the management of Microsoft Switzerland. Now the format is coming to an end ... with a final call from Chantal to her serious counterpart in our online magazine "Binary Dreams": podcast host Tobias Imbach.
Who do you think gets to speak more? Rhetorical question ...

The format

Nowt wrong with a bit of fun  – that's how we see it at "Binary Dreams", and especially so with this format. However, the fictional character Chantal does not act a little obtuse just for amusement's sake. She wants to draw out the experts on the phone and show everybody: You don't have to be embarrassed if you're not blessed with IT know-how. That's what the pros are here for - and as it turns out, they're always happy to help competently, no matter how much you try to drive them into despair.


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