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Our Top 7
Easter Eggs on the Internet

For once, there are no memes in our "ESC", but something at least as entertaining: We present to you the top 7 of our favourite Easter Eggs from the World Wide Web. And to find them, you don't have to crawl into bushes or search through all the cupboards – just stay seated, read on and click.

Nº 7: Random Fun Facts


If you type "i'm feeling curious" into the Google search bar, the search engine will show you a random fun fact as the first result. You can repeat this as often as you like – depending on your thirst for knowledge and level of boredom – and you will get a different result each time.


This is what we got ...   

Nº 6: Google Crash Down


Want to see how the Google search engine collapses? This is how you do it: Simply enter "google gravity" in the search field and then click "I'm Feeling Lucky".


What happens is what you see in the GIF below – and you can throw the individual elements around inside the window with the mouse, which is actually quite fun.



Nº 5: Zerg Invasion


Okay, this one is hilarious: Go to the Google homepage and enter "zerg rush" and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". Immediately, little circular things attack your search history and try to destroy it.


You can actually target them with your mouse and destroy them by clicking repeatedly, but it is really difficult to defeat this mass invasion.

Nº 4: YouTube in rainbow colours


YouTube has also earned itself a place in our top 7 Easter Eggs. If a video is not colourful enough, you can simply type "awesome" on your keyboard and the red bar below the video will immediately start flashing in all the colours of the rainbow.


It doesn't look as great as in this GIF, but definitely worth giving it a try!

3: Chrome Dinosaur


Well, this guy just had to make it onto our podium of the best Easter Eggs: we mean the little dinosaur that lifts the spirits of all Chrome browser users during "downtime" by allowing them to jump over cacti.


By the way, you can also play the jump 'n' run game at any other time: If you type "chrome://dino/" into the address bar, all you have to do is press the space bar and off you go.


Our insider tip: This game is even more fun with an alpaca!

2: Skiing "on the Edge"


The Edge browser is in no way inferior to Chrome when it comes to Easter Eggs and fun. On the contrary: anyone who enters "edge://surf/" in the address bar can currently not surf, but ski.


That's dangerously long-lasting fun. If your bosses ask, you didn't get this tip from us!


Nº 1: Good old Windows 98 times


The top of the podium is occupied by this Internet Easter Egg: 98.js - Windows 98 Online. There you can relive the good old days of Windows 98.


And yes, you can even play solitaire, the look and feel exactly like in the old days, when it still groaned and squawked when you dialed into Internet Explorer.



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