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I am an expert in ...

Cloud, Data, AI


What I like most about IT:

I love building new software.


What I don't like about IT:

The public perception is still a bit skewed. We are seen as nerds.


I find data useful because ...

... they help make decisions. Data-driven decisions are not always right either, but you sleep better with them.


My biggest IT dream:

All the people of this world benefit equally from technological progress.


My fondest memory of IT:

My diploma in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe.


My favourite gadget/tool/software:



If I were a gadget, I would be ...

... non-existent. (I am not a device and do not want to be)


My favourite website:

The dashboard that shows me every day how much our product is used and how much value it creates for our customers.


The future brings ...

... many good things. (Unfortunately, I cannot predict what exactly)


The best invention of all time:

Still the wheel. And then the book.


My greetings & wishes to Trivadis or the IT community:

Happy Advent Season.


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Friendsbook of IT
Key Visual Friendsbook of IT
Friendsbook of IT
Key Visual Friendsbook of IT
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