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How widgets are taking your desktop into the future

Who doesn't know the problem? So many icons, shortcuts and files on the desktop that you lose track of them and even the most beautiful wallpaper loses all its shine. But there is a way to prevent chaos on the desktop – this hack shows how.


By Stefan Lengacher

TAGO Fences is a personalisation app that allows users to manage their desktop icons. This free app provides a set of custom fences (Fences – categories) to allow for optimal organisation. It lets you show or hide icons and hotkeys on the desktop and create multiple shortcuts for your files.

With TAGO Fences you can tidy up your desktop by grouping folders, files and icons. As mentioned earlier, it offers expandable and customisable windows known as fences where you can sort and organise your desktop items.

Unlike other desktop organisers, TAGO Fence is free and uses few computing resources.

Noob Hack

- Download Tago Fences here: https://tago-fences.en.softonic.com/

- Create "Fences" that make sense for you, such as specific ones for documents, folders, applications, etc. and give them the appropriate titles.


- Decide for yourself whether the elements in the fences are to be displayed as a list or as symbols
(hint: the more elements, the more the list view makes sense).

- You can pin them with the pin symbol at the top right of the fence – so you don't move them unintentionally.

Pro Hack

- Each individual "Fence" can be customised. For example, the icon or font size of the elements in it or the background colour.

Use hotkeys to quickly and easily hide and show the fences and/or desktop icons.

- Create a simple Kanban (Todo, Doing, Done) using Fences, in which the elements to be worked on can be moved accordingly on the desktop.

- Under Settings you will find the option «Enable fences auto collapse» – this causes unpinned fences to automatically collapse when they are not needed and reappear when you move the mouse over them.

By the way: By double-clicking on the beautifully empty desktop, you can show your chaotic desktop elements again as usual whenever you want.


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