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A trip around the world with "Bing Wallpaper"

Every now and then, the Windows lock as well as the Bing homepage hold impressive images that invite you to dream, marvel and travel from your office chair. With our hack of the week, you can bring these top-class images to your desktop.


by Stefan Lengacher

Who has never caught themselves gazing at the Windows lock screen (or the Bing start screen) for a moment and losing themselves in daydreams? If you want to treat yourself to a visual delight during your work flow, you can also bring the world of Windows images to your desktop with "Bing Wallpaper". Of course, this only works if there is order on the desktop ... but we have one or two other hacks for that.

Every day, new images are displayed on the Windows lock screen and on the Bing homepage – the "Bing Wallpaper" software gathers them and brings them to your desktop. Thus, not only do you see a new image on your desktop every day, but you can also browse images and find out where they came from.

Noob Hack

Install "Bing Wallpaper" in five easy steps. 1:

- 1. Download the Bing Wallpaper app: https://www.microsoft.com/de-ch/bing/bing-wallpaper

- 2. Run BingWallpaper.exe. Decide whether or not you want to have Bing as the start page and default search engine in your browser.

- 3. Click on "Install now" and after the installation click on "Finish".

- 4. If your browser prompts you to do so, add the necessary extension.

- 5. Explore the Bing Wallpaper app in the taskbar.

Pro Hack

Via the Bing Wallpaper tray icon, you can see where the current photo came from. Click on it to go directly to the corresponding search results and get more detailed information.

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