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Data protection on the smartphone

It is hard to imagine professional or private life without smartphones. Dealing with data and privacy on our everyday companions is a topic that has been written about a lot, but is hardly comprehensible for many. Four steps to more data protection - explained using the iPhone as an example.


by Rolf-Dieter Kargl

For many, especially for the younger generation, it is the centre of life - the smartphone. But how can I protect my data and how can I prevent being eavesdropped on or having my movement profile analysed? I would like to show you a few quick changes in settings below:

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1. General data protection settings

Settings → Privacy
This is the control centre from which you can control the privacy settings.




2. Restrict access to the camera and microphone

Settings → Privacy → Camera / Microphone

I would generally switch off the microphone. I have experienced myself that you "accidentally" receive advertisements on the Internet for a credit card after you have talked about exactly this credit card among your friends (in the presence of the smartphone). If you use WhatsApp, the call function does not work when the microphone is deactivated! If the camera is deactivated, FaceID does not work for many Apple apps. Therefore, I would assign the rights individually and according to personal needs.



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3. Configure your location services

Settings → Privacy → Location Services

If you want to be on the safe side, you can deactivate all location services. However, apps such as Maps will then no longer function. It is therefore advisable to allow the location of apps "While Using" individually and according to your own needs.




4. Use private browsing mode

All browsers offer the function of surfing in private mode. However, this does not mean that no cookies are saved. Only the history is not saved.



To avoid personality profiles, I therefore recommend using a VPN. There are numerous VPN providers on the market. I use Avast Security, as it protects all my devices. You can find a comparison of service providers for IOS devices under this external link. The same is of course also available for Android devices.


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