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I am an expert in ...

... Cloud-powered business models, Go-to-Market strategies and Microsoft Cloud.


What I like most about IT:

The speed of innovation, the (almost) endless possibilities, the social relevance


What I don't like about IT:

The fact that there is still a lack of diversity. But it is nice to see that this is becoming a clear priority for more and more organisations.


I find data useful because ...

... they are the strategic competitive advantage and innovation foundation for any organisation.


My biggest IT dream:

That technology can help us address the great socio-political challenges of our time for the benefit of us all


My fondest memory of IT:

I am still working on making more memories ...


My favourite gadget/tool/software:

Besides Microsoft Azure – my smartphone


If I were a gadget, I would be ...

... a smartphone.


My favourite website:

Websites are increasingly being replaced by apps ...


The future brings ...

... hopefully many exciting projects and new challenges in every respect that we will master together! I am looking forward to it :-)


The best invention of all time:

Oh, where shall I begin ... I can't possibly list them all!


My greetings & wishes to Trivadis or the IT community:

To Trivadis: Thank you very much for all your activities that enrich the Swiss IT community and strengthen its diversity!

My wish for the Swiss IT community? That it continues to prosper and becomes even more diverse in the future.


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