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Linked project or discovery?

Often, your DWH (Data Warehouse) will have an ODS (Operational Data Store) as its source. There are 2 possibilities in biGENIUS to access this source data: make a discovery or use the linked project functionality. How to choose the right one for your situation?


By Claire Pierreclos

Noob Hack

Use linked projects to avoid unnecessary staging: by using a linked project between your ODS and your DWH, you do not duplicate the ODS data in a DWH staging area. You will spare time of creating a source system, making a discovery, and creating the stage objects. A limitation exists where you should use discovery instead of linked project if you want to filter your source data (like take only valid data in case of delete detection set into the ODS). And before starting using linked project, you must have a good thinking about dependencies of the projects when you will deploy and load them. 

Pro Hack

During linked project creation, you should choose the right Result DWH Part to access the whished objects into your ODS: 



Usually, these Result DWH Part are configured depending on the linked project type and generator used as for example for the Microsoft Dimensional Generator:



All the details can be found in our community site.

Hint: If you already are a biGENIUS user and have no access to our community site, please ask the biGENIUS support.  

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