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How to model a Business Link?

In your DWH (Data Warehouse) with a Data Vault modeling, you should need to model some Business Links between Hubs or between a Hub and a Business Hub. Of course, you need to add some filter conditions like in this example for the Business Link between the Hub HUB_CreditCard and the Business Hub BVHUB_CreditCard_SuperiorCard. 


By Claire Pierreclos


Noob Hack

Your Business Link Data Flow Set should access the Hub HUB_CreditCard and the Satellite SAT_CreditCard to be able to put the needed filter CardType = ‘SuperiorCard’: 



Pro Hack

It exists a faster way to implement your Business Link Data Flow Set: you can use the Derived DWH Object HubCreditCard_RDV_Hub_Result_VI_SQL: 



No need of a join between Hub and Satellite. 

Derived DWH Objects permits to create new DWH Objects based on existing Target Objects. They are new model objects without generated code: they point to an existing Target Object. 

In this case we can directly use the Result View containing data from the Hub HUB_CreditCard and the Satellite SAT_CreditCard to access the hash key for the relationships to the Hubs and the CardType information for the filter. 


All the the details can be found in our community site.

Hint: If you already are a biGENIUS user and have no access to our community site, please ask the biGENIUS support.  

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