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I am an expert in ...

... technology strategy with a focus on AI and cybersecurity, corporate governance, and strategic HR.


What drives me:

Democratization of data can bring growth to companies of any size and in every industry. Decentralized data markets on the blockchain are a possibility to participate in the data economy no matter where your business is based.

As I sit on several boards of directors, I see my role in facilitating the translation of technology possibilities into clearly executable roadmaps at all levels of a company. We might be technologists, but we are all in a people business.


This will be THE trend topic in the near future:

The automation of all repeatable tasks: it is the key to respond to demographic trends – we are running out of adults to keep the markets alive.

Another one is small data as it helps us democratize AI and reduce the CO2 footprint of AI models. Generally, the embedding of data elements into all products and services and the development of tools to make this possible will unleash growth and increase customer loyalty.


How I stay up to date:

On the one hand, I follow key people on Twitter, e.g., Andrej Karpathy, François Chollet or Fei Fei Li.

Also, I am constantly looking for examples of exceptional leadership. Inspiration thereby comes from unexpected places: I am not an astrophysicist but reading “Extraterrestrial” by Avi Loeb made me think about disciplined problem-solving, applying logic and courage to the most stunning questions, and using data technologies to go after the most vibrant quests of humanity.



Cybersecurity in general and ransomware in particular are often seen as a pure technology or security problem. However, businesses can recover from attacks more quickly if they understand – and prepare for – ransomware’s implications across the whole organization.

Read more about the topic in this article.

My biggest professional challenge and what I learned from it:

My biggest professional challenge was to learn to say “no” in situations where my peers pushed into another direction due to complacency.


My advice to companies in the digital age:

Always remember that you are in a people business. Engage great talent developers and communicators and don’t settle for unclear directions. Do few things but do them well.


Something new I have just learned:

I just learnt about the quantification of cybersecurity risks – I even joined the board of directors of a person who wrote a book about it (Prof. Ariel Evans).


My favourite emoji:

Despite emojis being the fastest growing language, I never use them.


This person from the field of data analytics, AI or automation inspires me:

Demis Hassabis


My advice to the Trivadis – Part of Accenture or the IT community:

Don’t sell what you don’t know.


Either-or questions
(Selection italic)

1) LinkedIn or Twitter? (Both)

2) Literature classics or the newest blockbuster? (My first professor was the grandson of Leo Tolstoy)

3) Breakfast smoothie or wake-up coffee?



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