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2021 hacked – a (half) year in review

2021 was not an easy year – but the second half of the year was certainly a little better in one respect. On "Binary Dreams" we published a number of "Hacks of the Week" that made the lives of our readership a little easier. As the year draws to a close, we look back at the help provided by the Trivadis Hack Collective.


By Team Trivadis

Hacks are not only for specialists, but one thing is certain: they make specialists. But from the beginning ... before you delve too deeply, it is important to soberly review the planned procedure, otherwise you will soon be cited by the finance department or have to calm your nerves for other reasons. After all, the calculation only works if the desired goal is actually achieved with the envisaged solution. And so Daniel Keller gives the good advice in his hack:   .

«Verifying hypotheses saves nerves and the budget»


If the hypothesis stands up to scrutiny, it's time to get organised. Easier said than done – the overview of all meetings, tasks, emails & co. is quickly lost. Christian Golz has the right hack ready: Microsoft To-Do offers some additional and very practical features for a well-organised daily routine.

Microsoft To-Do – Tips for an organised everyday life


But all organisation in the IT world is of limited use if you don't like to look at the screen. Manuel Meyer knows what influence the lighting of our displays has on how we feel – and offers valuable tips for ideal lighting conditions.

How your display "keeps up with the times"


With the "Binary Dreams" hacks, you are making progress – not making backups on the other hand resembles Russian roulette. Stefan Koch knows this particularly well; he made several backups from defective data storage media because colleagues and friends thought about a backup too late. But there are also cases where "no backup is the better backup", says the professional in his hack.

When "no backup" is the better backup


Code repositories are also used for safekeeping – the current code is bundled and saved in these repositories. This is often quite complicated, mistakes are made quickly or something is forgotten. But Yves Mauron is surprised: "It's also quite simple" and shares his findings in his hack.

Code repository: it can be so simple!


Life is also made easier by the numerous hacks for the Azure Cloud that our Trivadis professionals published over the year. Translating a document can be a lot of work – the Azure Translator Service helps, as Thomas Hafermalz explains:  

Quality translations with azure translator service


With such tools, you save valuable time. The Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) enables resource management in the Azure Cloud – but to make the most of it, you need to know a few tricks. But Thomas Hafermalz knows all about this too:

How to use Azure CLI


Speaking of resource management... our busiest hacker Manuel Meyer has several crucial tips to help users keep track of costs in the cloud:

Cost control in the Azure Cloud


When it comes to cloud security, Manuel Meyer also provides several useful hacks:

More transparency for cloud security


In the best case, you worry about your security before something happens. This is also the view of Peter Stadler, who discusses the "Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS)" in his hack and shows how possible security gaps can be found and closed:

Azure VMSS – Preventing security gaps in isolated infrastructure


In the Azure Cloud Hack, which our readers accessed particularly often and studied in depth, Stefan Koch shows various ways in which data can be read into Azure Synapse Analytics:

Import excel files with azure synapse analytics


What will 2022 bring? One thing is certain: the "Binary Dreams" team of hackers will once again provide a bunch of useful hacks in the coming months.

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