Effectively rolling out and implementing secure DevOps, or DevSecOps, in your organization

Effectively rolling out and implementing secure DevOps, or DevSecOps, in your organization

You want to respond promptly to customer requests and reduce product times to market. To do that, you intend to link your application development and IT processes more closely. At the same time, you know that shortening development cycles often has a negative impact on security, so you want to introduce and establish DevSecOps in your organization.

Developing a collaborative culture

It’s important to ensure that the Development, Security and Operations teams know that by working together they can generate added value for the organization as a whole. So, the challenge is to break down the existing organizational structures, overcome silo mentalities and establish a collaborative culture.

This is not always easy, because culture and structure have often grown over decades. The transition to DevSecOps involves more than ‘just‘ introducing agile methods of software development or combining teams - change management competence is essential. The change management team has to initiate, lead and support the transformation process.

The technical challenges, on the other hand, are not so great, especially on the developer side. Application developers have been using methods that enable them to constructively deal with short iterations since the 1990s. For example, they use Scrum to deliver features at four and sometimes even two-week intervals. Solutions can also be used to simplify the transition and reduce the burden of work falling to the DevSecOps team. RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) is just one example. It is an independent security technology that continuously protects applications and alerts security personnel when threats are detected.



DevSecOps is not a method that can be ordered and used from above. DevSecOps must be lived and carried by all. We will show you how to inspire your teams.

Partner in the change process

DevOps means change, and change processes can be difficult. That's why it can help to have an experienced partner supporting you throughout. In the 25 years since we were founded, Trivadis has established a solid reputation as application developer and provider of infrastructure services, such as database, cloud and operational services. As a result, we have the necessary DevOps competence and expertise on the technical side of digitalization. We also know that organizations need the right culture, efficient structures and processes, and our consultants have been advising clients on these and other issues for years. We’ll be happy to help you introduce DevSecOps.

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