How to make the most of the Internet of Things

An energy sector application offers an example of how you can optimally use the IoT and transfer it to your industry

How to make the most of the Internet of Things

An energy sector application offers an example of how you can optimally use the IoT and transfer it to your industry

IoT is one of the biggest digitalization trends out there

But how can you use it in a meaningful way for your business? Our solution for the energy sector shows you an example that can be transferred to other industries in a similar way.

The increasing digitalization of the energy industry makes new business models possible. Through the evaluation of machine data, the use of sensors, Internet of Things and the intelligent processing of huge amounts of data in the cloud, it is possible to gain extensive information for controlling the plant. It is also possible to identify new business areas based on customer behavior and to offer suitable customer services.
The basis for information acquisition is the infrastructure, the so-called condition monitoring. The actual added value results from the recognition of patterns and the simple but relevant presentation of the information. The collected data forms the basis for further analyses such as predictive maintenance and predictive analytics.
Therefore, the intelligence lies in how information is prepared, pattern recognition and analysis of the immense amount of data during real-time processing.

“Gathering data and providing them for further processing is one of the greatest challenges in the energy sector. The use of IoT technology makes it possible to develop timely, customer-centric solutions that are affordable, powerful and expandable.

René Frei, Head of ICT, IWB
Successful digitalization projects encompass the modernization and integration of their processes, data and application landscapes. We work with you to develop the required digital strategies and implement them in a target-oriented, successful way. We have completed projects with renowned partners from a wide range of industries over the past several years.

How our service can help you successfully realize your IoT strategy

The tremendous volumes of data acquired with IoT can only be processed with the help of a scalable, standardized and extremely powerful platform. This is how you can use our IoT services as a strategic success factor to realize any number of use cases.
This means in concrete terms: Our managed IoT service consists of an IoT platform based on Microsoft Azure for the connection of various devices and sensors. From this data, the information is processed according to the KPIs and clearly presented in a dashboard - in this case for the energy industry. 
Trivadis IoT service incorporates the dashboard into a modern workstation that not only transparently presents information via the connected IoT devices, but also includes documents and communication for centralized control.

Take advantage of our IoT workshop

Take advantage of our IoT workshop, which will show you how to tap your company’s IoT potential and how you can use it strategically to remain successful and achieve growth in the market. 
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