With MDM (Master Data Management)

Comprehensive expert knowledge and a tried and tested methodology.

Data management is the core field of expertise at Trivadis. The experience we have accumulated over several decades makes Trivadis the perfect partner for implementing your MDM project. It is the unique combination of the know-how of our experts, together with a made-to-measure methodology, for implementing a solution that covers all your technical and business requirements and is fully integrated in your IT landscape.


Historical legacies are problematic

Every enterprise is confronted with an ever-expanding IT application landscape. Fundamental, business-relevant information is frequently held in different applications with diverse development backgrounds (also called silos). The side-by-side running of legacy systems and different information architectures means that it is very difficult to obtain master data of an adequately high quality. This situation is aggravated by reorganization measures, mergers and acquisitions of companies, and by growing regulatory requirements and security provisions.

Master data management solutions from Trivadis create security for the future

Clean management of business-relevant master data is absolutely crucial for covering existing and future requirements. Master data management systems strengthen the confidence in the quality of data that is shared between different systems. The use of real-time data flows to continually enhance the quality of service and the satisfaction of data recipients is the core element which speaks for developing a structured master data management system for operative systems. We will support you in realizing your MDM project right from its early stages, such as by developing the vision, or defining implementation strategies. We cover the full bandwidth of MDM solution variants – from a custom implementation, through to the selection and implementation of a standard MDM product.


Our approach

Essentially, a master data management solution is an implementation of a business strategy. It is realized with IT services. Once the business strategy has been established, the company can concentrate on implementing its business priorities. The required IT services are implemented step-by-step in each specialist department. This enables the services to be coordinated and improved using other IT initiatives that are based on your business requirements. One example of this is the deployment of a service-oriented architecture.


Your benefits:

  • Support from acknowledged experts across the entire project lifecycle.
  • Implementation of an MDM system which seamlessly integrates into the customer's IT landscape on the basis of proven standard architectures such as SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) or EAI (Enterprise Application Integration).
  • Decreasing cost and time expenditure for managing the master data coupled with a vast improvement in its quality.
  • Greater satisfaction among business customers because it takes less time to synchronize the business-relevant data inventories across different systems.




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Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development