Integration architecture

Integration Architecture blueprint from Trivadis.

Planning and implementing integration solutions is a challenge that you will master with our expertise – condensed in the Trivadis Integration Architecture blueprint. The full integration packages from Trivadis allow the costs of the planning, analysis and rough design stages of integration projects to be cut by up to 50%.


From the EAI integration, through the process integration, on to cloud integration

Business information systems as a support for entrepreneurial activities will not function as a whole if the various applications and systems do not interact with one another. New trends, such as digital transformation, enterprise mobile, cloud architectures, big data or fast data, are placing new demands on integration with existing systems. A host of applications in and outside of a company with heterogeneous structures inhibit progress, however, and sometimes will even make it impossible to perform certain activities in the first place

because the right information is not available on time at the right place and of a sound quality.


The right integration architecture and the suitable integration design

Integration solutions are cross-cutting systems, which frequently impact several key applications, and consequently a company's central performance processes. The right architecture as a basis, and a sound design as preparation for the implementation, are the prerequisites for a successful realization. We have processed our many years of experience in realizing integration solutions, and incorporated this experience in creating a standardized approach. The architecture and design, respectively a gridwork for both of them, are prescribed and documented as a Trivadis Integration Architecture blueprint. We will help you to choose the right overall architecture for your requirements, and design it so that it can be implemented based on the integration platform you have selected.


Our approach

Essentially, an integration solution is an implementation of a business strategy. It is realized with IT services. Once the business strategy has been established, the company can concentrate on implementing its business priorities. The required IT services are implemented step-by-step in each specialist department. This enables the services to be coordinated and improved using other IT initiatives that are based on your business requirements. One example of this is to deploy a service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Your benefits:

  • An extremely high degree of realization reliability due to the methodological approach and best practice integration patterns.
  • This basis will enable you to reduce your project and operating expenditure, and put you in a position to respond flexibly to new challenges for enhancing the performance and durability of your information systems.
  • The architecture and design of our integration solutions are based on the Trivadis Integration Architecture blueprint. This provides a gridwork for building up an architecture and templates for designing the required solution.




trivadis integrationsarchitektur und design

Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development