How you can drive growth even with staff shortages

How you can drive growth even with staff shortages

You are desperately looking for employees to ensure the growth of your company? Medium and small enterprises are particularly affected by this situation. International corporations have an easier time attracting skilled IT employees through their variety of offers and career perspectives. But what can you do to balance out this disadvantage?

Digitalization projects that are crucial for the future are in danger

The greatest danger that comes from staff shortages is missing the step to digitalization. While IT departments can usually ensure that the systems are running, they are stretched too thin to take on game-changing developments. It’s a bit of a paradox: According to surveys, most small and medium-sized enterprises would gain major opportunities through digitalization, but they don’t have a chance to do so. This is made more difficult by the fact that good IT employees are expensive as a result of the high demand for them.


Here's our answer to your skills shortage: Our Managed Services specialists. We relieve your teams of routine tasks and you gain freedom for important, strategic projects.


Do you need costly IT managers or efficient managed services?

Have you ever thought about how it would be if qualified external workers took over time-consuming routine and standard tasks? And then you could use that time to work on truly important projects? We’ve thought about these questions a lot and developed our services to give you that freedom. Based on our practical experience in order to offer you truly good solutions for staffing shortages.

What you can expect from us

Our Managed Services are standardized IT services for your applications and infrastructure, meaning your databases, middleware and operating systems. The range of services stretches from service desk to technology experts, for individual areas or full-scale outsourcing, as a service in the cloud or on premise. In addition, we are there for you when you need someone to cover for holiday absences or if you are having shortages in your IT teams.

If you opt to put the operations, maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure in our hands, you’ll be hitting three birds with one stone:

  • You’ll get all the resources you need to ensure operations of your IT at the level you need. With plannable costs, independent of fluctuations, holidays or illness in your team.
  • You and your employees will be freed of routine tasks and will finally have time to focus on new and ongoing development – the core tasks of your company.
  • And our dedicated and skilled specialists will add new zest to your IT department. With us, you can find innovative ways to consolidate IT structures and get them ready for your digitalization.

We believe that managed services are a solid alternative to the hassle of trying to find IT staff. Do you agree, or would you like to test it? Tell us about your challenges and issues. We’ll find a solution together.

Disconcerting facts about staff shortages and how to handle them

Your company is not the only one affected by this. The entire economy is affected. The German Economic Institute in Cologne estimates that economic growth in Germany could be 0.9 per cent higher if there were more qualified workers. This amounts to economic output of up to 30 billion euros as a result of a shortage of roughly 440,000 professionals, according to the newspaper Rheinische Post. As it is expected that more and more professionals from the Baby Boomer generation will retire from 2020 onward, the institute Prognos in Basel has determined that, by 2030, there could be a shortage of more than three million skilled workers.

You don’t have to be one of them. Get to know our Managed Services.

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