Trend Radar as a compass

Trend Radar as a compass

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Competition is speeding up and getting more selective in the digital age. Companies that rely on the right digital business models at the right time will win. Others who recognize the signs of the times too late are left behind.

The Trivadis Trend Radar provides experienced innovation managers, chief digital officers and IT managers with information about the digital business models that will be successful tomorrow. Our trend scouts methodically track some 2,000 emerging and established trends with a monitoring tool to establish which trends are relevant for your company. We also monitor market research, analyst and trend research reports on developments in IT and other technologies, as well as reports on societal and social trends.

Enterprises shouldn’t guess which digital business models will be successful in the future. They should know it. We assess the regular Trend Radar reports for your company with you. Then you can test the viability and feasibility of selected trends with Trivadis’ support.


Toy or innovative application? Which trends have genuine potential? And which are just media hype? Our Trend Radar identifies all the lucrative trends that are relevant for you. And you’re the first to find out.


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