Head in the clouds?

Are you ready for the multi-cloud?

Head in the clouds?

Are you ready for the multi-cloud?

Multi-cloud approaches are taking hold. Managing the various cloud providers can be quite the challenge for many companies. A number of aspects need to be considered, from contract management to security requirements. The management and governance of multi-cloud plans are quite complex. Will you be able to handle it with your current staffing? And if you have restructured accordingly, do you have the necessary experience and skills?

Everything is done with cloud services these days. And in your company?

The use of cloud services is par for the course these days. According to a study by the IDG on Managed Services in 2019, two-thirds of companies use cloud services widely or extensively. Ninety per cent of all companies surveyed have already carried out cloud projects. And a majority of companies will increase how much of their IT they will draw from the cloud significantly (23 per cent) or more (48 per cent). But what do you and the market expect from cloud services? By far the most popular cloud option is Software as a Service, which is used by 62 per cent, followed by Platform as a Service.

According to the IDG study, companies expect a managed service to be better, more agile and cheaper. Companies hope that the use of a managed service from the cloud will, above all, provide them with greater agility and resources for innovations. At the top of their list, though, is good value for money.


"We aren’t cloud service providers, we’re your independent and objective advisors. We help you with analyses, workshops, implementation and operation."
Francesco from Trivadis

Which cloud services for what? You need a trusted partner.

The market offers efficient solutions that suit your requirements. But you can’t just pick out the services you want like at a supermarket. This is where we come in, as your trusted partner, to handle the management of the various providers and therefore also have a comprehensive overview of compliance, governance and monitoring requirements. We could even handle all of your solutions and platforms as your Solution Provider. From your perspective, your managed platform would become a SaaS component and all you need to do is use it. We’ll take care of the decision of which cloud will provide the ideal and most economical solution for you. Through our intelligent management, you’ll be able to use a solution made up of components of various clouds as one single defined service, freeing you up to take on your core tasks.

Now new: Starting in autumn 2019, database services from the cloud by Trivadis and Swisscom.

We’ve put together our strengths in Database as a Service in partnership with Swisscom for you. That means we’ll support you in all aspects pertaining to cloud-based databases. While we set up and operate the Database as a Service platform, Swisscom will provide the foundation in the form of its Swisscom cloud with the highest security standards on its own Swiss-based data centres. How does that benefit you? Our partnership between Trivadis and Swisscom will support you along the entire value chain. Fewer interfaces help reduce complexity and thus also costs. The databases we provide are highly flexible and scalable, with a high level of availability. Data protection and high-quality data management are also guaranteed with Database as a Service. What are you waiting for? We are happy to advise.

You want to be among the first to find out more about the joint Database as a Service offers from Swisscom and Trivadis? Leave us your contact information and we will keep you updated.

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