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Are you hungry for an inspiring lunch break? Then we have just the thing for you: an informative lunch package – appetizingly packaged in our Digital Brown Bag Event.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021,
from 11.45 to 12.30


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Lunch included: You will receive a voucher for a snack.

Heads up on backup – back up Oracle databases easily and efficiently

Backing up databases is a matter of course in every company. But, as indispensable as the process is, it is often not performed optimally. If keywords such as "static", "confusing", "error-prone" or "operating cost hog" come to mind when you think of your Oracle database backup tool, you should listen to what our expert Roland Stirnimann has to say about it. With db* BACKUP he has a solution ready that solves all your problems when backing up Oracle databases.

You don't think so? But it's true: Our control algorithm is unique on the market. It acts autonomously and only backs up when it is really necessary. In doing so, it ensures a good distribution of jobs to avoid peak loads and also saves a considerable amount of storage space. As a result, you increase the efficiency of your infrastructure and reduce operating costs. Thanks to the modern web interface, you have control and a comprehensive overview at all times.

In this webinar, we'll show you:

  • how we specifically integrated db* BACKUP as part within a highly automated self-service data platform,
  • how db* BACKUP works seamlessly with the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance and
  • what advantages our solution has in store for you compared to conventional solutions.

Your speaker

Head of Product Design

Roland Stirnimann

Roland has been involved in database consulting for over 15 years in various roles. In the course of his professional function, he has been able to gain extensive project experience in many industries and on the basis of a broad spectrum of technologies. Roland's professional activities as Product Manager for the db* product portfolio at Trivadis include numerous projects relating to the automation of modern data platforms.

Your host

Marketing Specialist

Janina Mäder

Janina stands for uncomplicated cooperation, fresh ideas and thinking around corners. When she's not accompanying webinars, she's championing the realignment of our marketing.

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