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Are you hungry for an inspiring lunch break? Then we have just the thing for you: an informative lunch package – appetizingly packaged in our Digital Brown Bag Event.

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On Wednesday, 07 July 2021,
from 11.45 to 12.30


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Lunch included: You will receive a voucher for a snack.

Data Driven Business: No treasure without a treasure map

Data Driven Business - what an expression! It says so much and yet nothing. Anyone looking for a precise definition quickly realizes that there is no such thing. The very term "data" is difficult to define precisely. So what does it mean to be a company that is "data driven"?

Basically, as the name suggests, it's about data. We certainly don't need to tell you anymore that data is hugely important. And yet, although the image of the "data treasure" is familiar, the procedure for digging up this treasure is often disregarded and simply "dug" wildly. It goes without saying that this involves an enormous consumption of resources and does not produce the desired output.

Dr. Martin Luckow is our expert when it comes to Data Driven Business. He has seen many companies that have proceeded rather haphazardly in their search for their treasure trove of data and have not really reached their goal. To be truly "data driven," you need a data strategy, Martin says. A treasure map, so to speak, that remedies the haphazard and resource-guzzling approach and leads directly to the data treasure.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • How to arrive at your interpretation of "Data Driven."
  • Why a data strategy is essential.
  • What data strategy entails and how you build it.
  • Why Artificial Intelligence will continue to fuel the whole issue.

Your speaker

Transformation Architect

Dr. Martin Luckow

Martin Luckow holds a doctorate in mathematics, computer science and is a transformation architect at Trivadis. He is considered a connoisseur, enthusiast and at the same time skeptic in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to digital and data strategies, his focus is on the associated architectures and workflows, especially in light of the fact that the hunger for data of current and future solutions in the area of machine learning will lead to completely new requirements.

Your host

Marketing Specialist

Janina Mäder

Janina stands for uncomplicated cooperation, fresh ideas and thinking around corners. When she's not accompanying webinars, she's championing the realignment of our marketing.

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