Digital Brown Bag Event – Cloud & Agility

How does the insurance company DEVK use its data intelligently thanks to cloud technologies and agile methods? By employing a modern cloud platform instead of a complex data warehouse. Find out more in this Digital Brown Bag Event.


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On Tuesday, March 29, 2022,
from 11.45 to 12.30


Online, we will send you the link after registration.


Lunch included: You will receive a voucher for a snack.

In this webinar we will show you:

  • How DEVK transformed its complex data warehouse into a modern data platform in the AWS Cloud
  • How this data platform is structured
  • How the platform allows DEVK to better integrate their diverse data

What you can get out of this:

  • You will learn how, with the help of agile methods and cloud technologies, you can use your data in a targeted manner.
  • Using a concrete example, you will see what challenges have to be overcome to migrate a data warehouse to the cloud using a flexible solution.
  • You will find out how you can successfully combine technology and agile methods in such a project.

Lisa Möcking, Trivadis

Lisa Möcking has been working at Trivadis – Part of Accenture since 2017. As a project manager, scrum master, service manager and requirement engineer, she is passionate about agile methods and uses them to support clients in turning their visions into reality – as in the case of DEVK. Lisa has a Master's degree in Media Informatics from the Stuttgart Media University.

Dr. Michael Faden, Trivadis

Dr. Michael Faden has been part of Trivadis – Part of Accenture for almost eleven years. He is a certified solution architect, enterprise architect and AWS Cloud architect and is therefore familiar with both the AWS Cloud and the development of complex distributed systems. Before joining Trivadis, Michael was, among other things, Head of Simulation and Software Technology at the German Aerospace Center – the same topics with which he earned his PhD at the University of Essen.

Details of the Digital Brown Bag talk by Lisa and Michael

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