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Are you hungry for an inspiring lunch break? Then we have just the thing for you: an informative lunch package – appetizingly packaged in our Digital Brown Bag Event.

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On Wednesday, April 28, 2021,
from 11.45 to 12.30


Online, we will send you the link after registration.


Lunch included: You will receive a voucher for a snack.

Fiction today, reality tomorrow – where AI is taking us

Artificial intelligence - every one of us associates this term with certain ideas and fantasies. But what is already reality in this area? What is (still) fiction? The speaker at this event, Pascal Kaufmann, has answers to these questions: With his Mindfire Group, he is at the forefront of the global race for the next breakthrough in the field of AI - and that as a Swiss company among major players such as China and the USA.

In his presentation, Kaufmann not only discusses the current developments surrounding AI, but also provides an insight into a world with human artificial intelligence, the possibilities it opens up and what this means in concrete terms for our lives and work. After all, it is not least us as employees and managers who must assert ourselves in these times of digital revolution and bring the necessary skills with us.

In this webinar, we'll show you:

  • the current state of artificial intelligence,
  • how AI can change the world and
  • what challenges and opportunities AI holds in the business context.

Your speaker

Founder of Mindfire

Pascal Kaufmann

Pascal is a neuroscientist, tech entrepreneur and founder of Mindfire Group. Together with thousands of AI experts worldwide, the Swiss is working on cracking the brain code and creating human-like artificial intelligence. Accordingly, his motto is: "Pushing the limits of the unknown".

Your host

Marketing Specialist

Janina Mäder

Janina stands for uncomplicated cooperation, fresh ideas and thinking around corners. When she's not accompanying webinars, she's championing the realignment of our marketing.

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