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Trivadis takes part in a large number of exhibitions, conferences and partner events throughout the year. At these events, you have the opportunity to arrange appointments with our specialists in person and to gain an insight into a wide range of topics in our lectures and presentations.

In addition, we organize regular Trivadis Knowledge & Networking Events in our own offices in various locations. These customer events cover both technology and business issues and promote networking amongst the participants and with our consultants.

Trivadis Conferences & Customer Events

Trivadis TechEvent 2018

"Digitalization - better together"

14. September 2018 in Zürich-Regensdorf

Registration and Details here.

Events Review

Data Warehouse Automation in practice: biGenius technical deep dive
20.04.2017, Trivadis Delphi GmbH, Wien

Events Review

Oracle in-depth training

Autonomous Health functionality for DB & Machine Learning, 14th of June 2018 in Lausanne