EA and IT strategy development

Adapting IT to perfectly fit in with your business.

The medium and long-term planning of IT as a support function for your enterprise requires a well thought-out IT strategy. This will enable your enterprise architecture to be systematically oriented to your business activities of tomorrow. Companies are relying more and more on flexibility and agility so that they will continue in future to be able to harmonize their business mix with the dynamic market environment.


Heterogeneous systems inhibit your success

Existing IT systems, however, are a long way off from being able to quickly adapt to new business models. Not only that, but these systems are not ready for digitization either. The integration of innovative technologies which allow, for example, mobile working, cloud computing, the use of social networks, and the processing of huge volumes of data, is extremely time and cost-intensive.


Holistic integration solutions

The systematic design of the IT environment in harmonization with a company's business goals forms the basis for exploiting the huge potential offered by information technology. Productivity gains can be achieved if the IT strategy is formulated based on a framework of proven and innovative technologies. This requires an overall view of every single IT system in and outside of the enterprise.

Processes, information, and applications are recorded in an enterprise architecture, where they can continue to be developed in the medium and long term. Additionally, new technologies are reviewed with regard to their suitability for the company. The goal of every enterprise architecture is to provide the best possible support for the company's operative activities.


Trivadis' experience for your overall architecture

We have processed our many years of experience in realizing a host of solutions, and incorporated this experience in creating a standardized approach. The enterprise architecture and IT strategy development are available as a method gridwork. We will help you to choose the right overall architecture and design it so that it can be implemented based on the strategy you have selected.


trivadis ea und it strategieentwicklung


Our approach

The demands placed on the IT of tomorrow are derived from the enterprise strategy of today. An intelligent IT strategy positions the IT as a support function and source of innovation for the corporate activities in conjunction with investment protection. So that investments in new technologies pay off in the long term as well.


Your benefits:

  • With the aid of the comprehensive strategy consulting services from Trivadis, you will be able respond more flexibly to new business requirements, and in doing so consolidate your competitiveness.
  • Your current and future IT projects will be significantly simplified, cutting the project and operating cost levels.
  • The clearly structured, methodical approach and best practice methods will give you a high degree of realization dependability.




trivadis ea-it-strategieentwicklung

Trivadis, Martin Luckow, Senior Solution Manager Application Development

Martin Luckow

Trivadis, Senior Solution Manager Application Development