Digital Workplace instead of Desktop for Knowledge Workers

Digital Workplace instead of Desktop for Knowledge Workers

Your company’s core business is in a process of digital transformation. But what if the workplace does not keep pace with the transformation of your company?

Mobile working and home office with a notebook are still possible for individual staff members, but you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage distributed teams. Internal information is still being distributed with traditional and often redundant e-mail technology or published on static intranets. Social media information isn’t a part of your communication mix. Many of your employees, such as the production teams, don’t have any access to information. Employee motivation and productivity is much lower than it could be.

The Trivadis digital workplace puts an end to scenarios like these. Based on the latest cloud technologies, it integrates your relevant business processes and systems on a central platform to reflect your needs. This considerably simplifies communication and collaboration yet also allows you to flexibly adapt the digital workplace to current and new requirements.

An information hub with a single interface

The Trivadis digital workplace provides employees with a modern information hub that is oriented on the commonly used social networks. It finally puts an end to the days when e-mail was used for communication and the mailbox as an informal archiving and storage system.

Just imagine selecting information channels to reflect your work situation and structuring your digital workplace according to your needs. You can subscribe to your personal channels and feeds, and automatically receive relevant information from projects, departments and colleagues.

Central information can be distributed in a targeted way to digital workplaces, thereby ensuring that it actually reaches the right recipients. An app makes communications with traditional knowledge workers, as well as production staff and field service team members, possible. Information can also be tagged, liked and commented on in the same way that you would tag, like and comment in online shops and social networks. The digital workplace supplements meetings and 1:1 communication as an additional means of engaging with team members in home offices or at other sites.


Like Mauro and Stefan, we already have a digital workplace. So we know what’s important. We’ve implemented digital workplaces for our customers that deliver significant collaboration advantages and support.

Higher productivity in the digital workplace thanks to AI

AI eliminates the need to search for important project information, the latest quarterly figures or interesting articles by colleagues. If you’re planning a holiday leave, artificial intelligence automatically posts your absence in the schedule, sends an out-of-office reply and renders manual time registration unnecessary. With a finance bot you can define triggers to deliver immediate financial updates after pivotal events. And your knowledge assistant provides you with all the necessary information about your work in the business network. All these things are possible today.

Facing the future together

We accompany you on your journey into the digital future, work out your visions together with you and help you to realize them. We think holistically and also support you in the areas of business adoption (e.g. training, change management, UX and governance) and in the continuous development of your digital workplace.

The digital workplace is based on building blocks that can be inexpensively added to or replaced at short notice – depending on your needs.

Take your company to the next level of digitization. Information jams, data silos and complex accesses are a thing of the past. The Digital Workplace from Trivadis takes you and your employees into the future together.

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