To Hoffinity & beyond!

Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff) had K.I.T.T. – and software vendors have Trivadis. Together, we can form the next iconic duo to fully leverage the cloud for your company!

Be it Sherlock Holmes and Watson or Mulder and Scully – duos like these have been an integral part of pop culture. One of the most famous duos celebrates its 40th birthday this year: Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff) and K.I.T.T. from "Knight Rider", who started their adventures in 1982. K.I.T.T., the race car with the gift of speech, is still considered to be one of the best examples of artificial intelligence.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we've teamed up with none other than David Hasselhoff to reveal that you too can form the next iconic duo – with us! While Michael Knight had K.I.T.T. and the Turbo Boost, you have us and the Azure cloud! With our expertise, we support your company in leveraging the cloud and asserting itself on the market in the long term.

To kick-off our adventure, we've designed seven pairs of socks, each featuring an iconic duo, and sent them in a highly limited edition of 800 pieces to selected software vendors in Switzerland, together with our offering. One of the pairs shows Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. from "Knight Rider" and was officially approved by David Hasselhoff (because: don't hassle The Hoff ...)! The socks also feature iconic duos that characterise everyday life in Switzerland, such as cucumber and Aromat – regular snack ingredients in many families in this country.

Ready to form the next iconic duo with us? Hoff off!


Socks from left to right: Coke & Mentos, cucumber & Aromat, opening HTML tag & closing HTML tag, positron & electron, Switzerland & waste paper bundle, Michael Knight & K.I.T.T., white sock & sandal. Copyright information of "Knight Rider" socks: ™ & © 2022 Universal City Studios LLC.


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This epic collaboration was only made possible by smart and kind people across companies putting their heads and hearts together. These are in particular: Andreas Renggli from GfK Entertainment, Angela Burch from Sony Music Entertainment Switzerland and Maruscha Heyner from Microsoft Switzerland. And of course David Hasselhoff himself. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you rock! ?