A digital platform for data-driven business

A digital platform for data-driven business

Digitalization is a multifaceted process. If you want to optimize your organization through digitalization, two aspects are crucial.

First: Digital business is based on the collection, use and analysis of data.

Second: Digital business enables completely new ways of collecting, using and analyzing data.

Data Driven Business means doing both comprehensively to make the right decisions.

And there’s more. If digitalization doesn’t empower your organization to make better decisions, something’s gone wrong. When that happens, switch your focus away from the technology and consider how data and data analyses can help you to make better decisions in your business processes. Find 'critical points’ and use them for guidance in the development of decision models. Then define the requirements for the technological platform that will support your decisions: your digital platform.



When Ralf and Loredana discuss digitalization, it's not only about technologies, but above all about their beneficial use for your business processes.

Integration and intelligence as the basis for data-driven business

The digital platform is more than just your IT infrastructure or application environment. It also comprises all your internal back-office and production systems. The digital platform is much more than your IT infrastructure or application landscape: it contains all internal back office and production systems. But it also includes, structures and integrates all systems that let you communicate with your partners, connect you directly with your end customers and increasingly include customer-side and internal IoT devices. The components and systems of these four pillars (customers, ecosystem, "things", IT) form their own platforms.
But they aren't isolated, and their systems aren't necessarily attributable to one of the four pillars. They ensure the necessary data flows and work closely with the BI and controlling applications in the fifth pillar: intelligence.
The quality and effective integration of these platforms and all their components is what enables you to make good decisions.

You don’t plan and build a digital platform in a day. And it can’t be built from scratch either, because you already have many old and new systems that have to be integrated into it. A new digital platform also has to be able to adapt easily to new situations. And it has to be designed to support your way of decision making. It is the product of business models, enterprise, information and application architectures, analytics, solution environments and their underlying infrastructures.

The experts at Trivadis can support you in finding, planning, implementing and maintaining the digital platform for your data-driven business.

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