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Ready for the energy industry of the future – thanks to big data analysis

A process data archive provides TransnetBW with automated support in collecting and analysing data. This greatly simplifies the control and monitoring of the electricity grid.

In Short


Significantly increased volume of data and messages to be published.


Development and ongoing enhancement of a process data archive.


Central availability and monitoring of all relevant data as well as automation of data processing.

Our solution

TransnetBW GmbH is responsible for the operation, maintenance, planning and needs-based expansion of the energy transmission network in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The company coordinates the transmission of energy over long distances and also integrates renewable energy sources into the supply system. It thus guarantees the safe and reliable supply of energy to around eleven million people in Baden-Württemberg using a 3’200-kilometre-long high-voltage grid. To ensure the necessary transparency of information in the energy market, a huge array of up-to-date data and messages from the transmission network must be published on an ongoing basis, for example, regarding generation, consumption or load flows. At TransnetBW, this was reflected in a significantly increased volume of data to be published, which was very difficult to achieve efficiently with the existing systems that were not developed for this task in their basic structure. The company needed to relieve the strain on its existing systems, especially the SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Possibility of comprehensive analyses

The transmission network operator TransnetBW set up a new process data archive with Trivadis. It collects all prioritised data generated by the existing systems when monitoring and controlling the electricity grid in a central location, archives it immediately and makes it directly available for analysis. Data from the SCADA system makes up the majority of the data collected. The data includes measured/calculated values and messages that provide detailed information about the status of the transmission network as well as the partners connected to it.

Less stress for the team

The process data archive relieves strain from the SCADA system with downstream data processing. Thanks to the new system, over 80 million values are now archived every day. More than 150 billion data records have been collected since 2014. These huge volumes of data are continuously fed into the process data archive and stored online for further tasks such as analyses. This ensures, for example, that all relevant data is available centrally and quality-assured manner for dealing with special network situations. After the conversion to the process data archive, it was not only possible to restore free computing capacities to their original purpose. Downstream processing has been automated, documented and standardised, and there is also less stress on the team. The process data archive is also constantly under development and being adapted to current requirements.

Continuous enhancement

TransnetBW chose Trivadis as its partner to jointly implement the project. Decisive factors in this decision were the solution-oriented approach and the high level of database expertise demonstrated by the IT service provider. The two companies worked successfully together. Trivadis provided the experience and technical knowledge, TransnetBW provided clear guidance on what the solution needs to deliver. After just eighteen months, the jointly developed process data archive went into operation. It proved its worth immediately: General queries no longer need to be supplied by the systems but will now be centrally covered by the newly developed process data archive. Development of the process data archive is still in progress. Thanks to the new options, users are learning to investigate issues in a more targeted manner and thus continuously develop the processes. In the future, data from other areas will also be processed using the solution.


TransnetBW GmbH operates the energy transmission network in Baden-Württemberg. With this transport network, it secures the power supply in the region, Germany and Europe. Transnet manages and controls the energy flows in the grid, and looks after maintenance, network planning and network development. Its customers and partners include a number of electricity providers, power plant and distribution network operators in Germany and abroad.

Technologies used

  • Trivadis biGenius
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Application Express

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