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Easier and better availability of texts and messages

Thanks to Trivadis, employees of the tax administration in the canton of Aargau can access data more quickly and easily – without having to make any significant changes to the user interface.

In Short


Migration of huge quantities of data to a new information system including access via an authentication system.


Trivadis SystemCare ensures the long-term operation, support and maintenance of the new solution.


Service level agreement ensures ongoing adjustment to changing underlying conditions.

Our Solution

The canton’s tax office is responsible for implementing both regional and national tax legislation. The Aargau Cantonal Tax Office’s (KStA) information system for legal texts and notifications used to run on outdated hardware and technology. It was based on a SilverStream application and an SQL server 2005 database. The tax office’s aim was therefore to set up a new system that would be integrated into the existing infrastructure and also future-proof. To make the switch easier for the 800 external and internal users and to minimise the amount of training needed, the goal was for the application and user interface to deviate from the previous system as little as possible. The plan was to migrate the system’s 16’000 documents and protect access by means of an authentication system.

A user-friendly design with handy built-in features

The migration process for the existing systems consisted of two tasks: firstly, migrating the SilverStream application to SharePoint 2013, and secondly, transferring the existing documents to SharePoint. For the first step, a SharePoint farm was set up and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. To achieve this, it had to be made available with a third-party reverse proxy in the DMZ (demilitarised zone) and claim authentication was used to provide a connection to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). In the second step, the database was migrated from the 2005 SQL server to a 2014 version so that it could be transferred to SharePoint via PowerShell.

Most of the user interface was left in the SharePoint standard and expanded to include handy functions and views to make the switch easier for users. An improved search function was also set up. Long-term operation, support and maintenance of the new solution have been ensured with Trivadis SystemCare. This service level agreement enables the solution to be adapted to changing underlying conditions on an ongoing basis, thus protecting the associated investment for good.

The INFO tax library was successfully migrated. The new version of INFO impresses thanks to its ideal search functions and clear layout. Using the search function is now fun! With its flexible SystemCare SLA model, Trivadis also guarantees us long-term operation, support and maintenance of the solution.

Christoph Ammann, Head of Legal Services at KStA

Working together hand-in-hand

Thanks to the new information system, internal and external providers have access to a range of new functions, including a document version management function, an attribute-based document search and real-time collaboration. Claims-based authentication allows for better management of access rights, while social features improve the exterior appearance and communication. Despite the underlying conditions requiring the special reverse proxy and the social features in the Extranet, the specialists at Aargau Cantonal Tax Office and Trivadis completed the entire scope of the project in full and on schedule. The new functions were set up and the existing systems were migrated in the space of seven months. Both parties praised the technical expertise and good project management in particular. The swift approach to problem-solving and cooperation with third-party providers were deemed to be especially good.


Local authorities assess and collect taxes from natural persons; Aargau Cantonal Tax Office performs a supervisory function for this process. The tax office assesses and collects all other types of tax. Furthermore, the tax office draws up the basic principles for financial planning and tax policy on behalf of the cantonal government.

Technologies used

  • SharePoint 2013 OnPremise
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Javascript
  • PowerShell
  • Office WebApps

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