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Faster to the selfdriving car

Thanks to a modern platform solution from Trivadis, a car manufacturer can now use its huge data volumes to simulate autonomous driving quickly and realistically.

In Short


Vast amount of sensor data should be available for the simulation application.


Customized, modern patform in the Micorsoft Azure Cloud including the integration of the simulation application.


Scenarios for autonomous driving on the basis of quick and realistic simulaton tests are possible.

Our Solution

The mobility of the future lies in Smart Mobility – for 70% of automobile manufacturers and suppliers, this mainly means autonomous driving. So it is not surprising, that by 2019, 15% of automobile companies will already be investing large sums in the development of self-driving cars. A car manufacturer from Germany is among those companies: It regularly collects huge amounts of sensor data in tens of thousands of test drives. The manufacturer wanted to use this data for simulation purposes around autonomous driving. A corresponding application was already available. However, the car manufacturer was unable to use the immense amount of data (more than 8 petabytes = 8’000 terabytes) for the application.

A high degree of automation

In order to be able to provide sensor data securely and in accordance with compliance requirements, Trivadis has developed a customized, modern platform solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with a high degree of automation. The simulation application was integrated into the solution accordingly. The Trivadis platform also takes into account the high computing intensity of the simulations: This means that the simulations can be scaled easily and quickly using the platform, which reduces the time required from over a month to less than a week. Further developments of the platform and the solutions based on it are supported by fully automated deployment and functional testing – from development to production using the modern DevOps process.

Outrank the competition – thanks to platform solution

Thanks to the platform solution from Trivadis, the car manufacturer is able to simulate scenarios for autonomous driving quickly and realistically on the basis of huge amounts of data. With Trivadis managing the operation of the platform, the car manufacturer can also concentrate on its core business. He will thus undoubtedly overtake his competitors on the way to the goal: the development of the first self-driving car.

Technologies used

  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Azure CycleCloud
  • Azure DNS
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure DevOps

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