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Modern Data Warehouse

For health insurance companies, data is their capital. It must be processed and analyzed quickly to provide a secure and valuable basis for important decisions. This was no longer the case at Sanitas, which is why it commissioned Trivadis to examine new solutions for its data warehouse.

In Short


Outdated analyses and databases were far too slow for the fast markets.


Concrete recommendations and feasibility studies for the modernisation of the DWH.


Openness for the future digitalization strategy of Sanitas.

Our Solution

How can health insurance companies make the right decision in rapidly changing markets? How can they best meet the wishes and needs of their customers? The answer is this: Health insurance companies need the latest business data and analyses practically around the clock in order to react quickly and soundly to their customers’ needs. Digitalization helps with this. It ensures that the vast volumes of data are analyzed properly and made available as information for decisions that will stand the test of time. Sanitas Krankenversicherung AG operates a data warehouse, a centralized database in which all data and facts about business processes are gathered and prepared. The problem: The data warehouse – DWH for short – was out of date. “At Sanitas, we urgently needed to find smart answers for the new challenges. The problem was that our analyses and databases were much too slow for the fast new markets.” Markus Pfister, Head of IT at Sanitas, explains.

The close and professional collaboration with Trivadis, both with our in-house IT specialists and the specialist departments, quickly resulted in a needs-driven, realistic, modern target architecture for the realization of future analytical data warehousing at Sanitas.

Markus Pfister, Head of IT, Sanitas Krankenversicherungs AG

A concept that draws on everyone involved

Before the company scurried off to work on modernizing, those in charge opted for a sure-fire strategy: They called on us to develop a reliable concept and check its feasibility beforehand – with what is known as a proof of concept. In addition to technical aspects, the aim was to involve those who would ultimately be using the solution in its development early on. These are users from areas such as controlling, marketing and sales. Together we determined what the digital technology would need to be able to do for their tasks.

Achieving the goal with certainty: With a reliable roadmap and tried-and-true methods

In close collaboration with Sanitas and with their approval, we developed a proof of concept with specific recommendations and feasibility studies for the modernization of the DWH. Our concept is essentially a reliable roadmap for Sanitas to modernize their data warehouse successfully.

About Sanitas Krankenversicherung AG

Sanitas Krankenversicherung AG, based in Zurich, is a Swiss insurance company specialized in health insurance. Founded in 1958 as a foundation, today Sanitas is one of Switzerland’s foremost health insurers, with roughly 820,000 insured and 800 employees at six locations throughout Switzerland. In the Compact, Original and Preference segments, Sanitas offers health insurance solutions for private individuals and companies in the fields of statutory basic insurance as well as supplementary insurance.

Technologies used

  • RDBMS (Oracle Enterprise Edition with a partitioning option)
  • Microstrategy as BI Tool
  • R as an analytical framework
  • For future needs Trivadis biGENIUS, Oracle GoldenGate, Kafka, Hadoop Ecosystem, Spark

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