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The ERP software OPAL was further developed for Rohde & Schwarz and expanded to a total of 35 branches. This means that all processes along the entire service chain can be covered. Trivadis provided technical and service expertise for the project.

In Short


Reduction of total costs through standardisation and outsourcing of services.


OPAL ERP solution for Rohde & Schwarz companies in 29 countries.


24/7 1st level support with approx. 1000 tickets per year.

Our solution

The Rohde & Schwarz technology group develops, produces and markets innovative measuring, information and communication technology products for professional users. Rohde & Schwarz targets a number of market segments in the public and private sectors with its specialist divisions for measurement technology, broadcasting and media technology, cyber security, secure communication, monitoring and network testing.

Flexibility and options for customisation

In the early 1990s, the OPAL application for sales and service was developed for a Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary. The aim was to support the market positioning of Rohde & Schwarz in these areas and thus also help it to stand out more on the market. The high degree of flexibility and, above all, the customisation options led to OPAL being rolled out to other R&S sales subsidiaries.

With OPAL, we have an individual piece of ERP software that perfectly covers the processes of 29 of our Rohde & Schwarz subsidiaries. In collaboration with Trivadis, OPAL has been continuously developed and dynamically adapted to the changing requirements. Thanks to the bespoke Trivadis SystemCare SLAs, OPAL’s operation has been safeguarded throughout the entire service chain of support, maintenance and further development.

Gudrun Reul, Rohde & Schwarz, Head of Sales & Service OPAL

Sales, service handling, financial accounting and project planning all covered

With the OPAL ERP solution, an individual piece of ERP software was developed that is specially tailored to the business processes of 35 Rohde & Schwarz companies in 29 countries. OPAL covers the areas of sales order processing, service handling, financial accounting, as well as project planning at some companies. In addition to process coverage, the solution is characterised by a high level of integration with SAP, SAP/BI and Microsoft Office. A bespoke Trivadis SystemCare SLA safeguards OPAL’s operation throughout the entire service chain of support, maintenance and further development. In 2017, the SLA was expanded to include 1st level support, with around 1000 tickets now being processed every year for users in the various regions. By outsourcing 1st level support, the group has ensured that OPAL operates on an efficient and cost-effective basis.

Optimised processes thanks to OPAL integration

In line with Rohde & Schwarz’s specifications, OPAL has been continuously developed and dynamically adapted to the changing requirements. The increasing integration of OPAL into the Rohde & Schwarz IT landscape has subsequently enabled processes to be improved. Alongside Trivadis’s specialist and service expertise, the modular SystemCare SLA model that can be optimised for individual requirements forms the basis for successful development.

About Rohde & Schwarz

Based in Munich, the technology group develops, produces and distributes a wide range of electronic capital goods for the public and private sectors. The focus is on solutions that contribute to a secure and networked world.

Technologies Used

  • Web application based on Oracle
  • Integration and interfaces:
    SAP, SAP/BI, Netweaver process orcestration, MS-Office, SOPA/XML

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