Customer Story

Management of sensitive data thanks to SystemCare

Together with Trivadis, the Bellikon rehabilitation clinic developed a solution that met the high demands of a clinic for smooth database operation and secure data monitoring.

In Short


Seamless database operation including active database monitoring and disaster recovery test solution.


Modular and highly flexible SystemCare service product (including DB monitoring and SQL backup).


24/7 assurance of database support and maintenance in a sensitive data environment.

Our solution

With its unique range of services – prevention, insurance and rehabilitation – Suva offers its policy holders comprehensive health protection. One of its main focus areas is the rehabilitation of accident victims in its own clinics, including Rehaklinik Bellikon (Bellikon Rehab Clinic). Trivadis has been supervising the Oracle database at Rehaklinik Bellikon since 2012. As demand for digitalisation has risen at an ongoing rate, the IT infrastructure at Rehaklinik Bellikon has also grown consistently, too. And so the need was born for cooperation with a single skilled service partner within the Swiss market, who could also cover new Microsoft SQL database technology in addition to the existing Oracle databases. As well as ensuring seamless database operations with a high level of availability (24/7), other criteria that were of central importance and relevance to the customer included active database monitoring (DB monitoring) and a disaster recovery test solution. These are important in view of the sensitivity of patient data and the safeguarding of the challenging daily routine at the clinic.

Thanks to the flexible SystemCare service model from Trivadis, we were able to perfectly tailor the services required to the needs and criticality of our various database systems and thus make a valuable contribution to optimising costs and benefits within our business.

Roland Sturzenegger, Head of IT, Rehaklinik Bellikon

Service expanded to Microsoft SQL database

Based on the positive experience from the longstanding working relationship between Rehaklinik Bellikon and Trivadis, the existing SLA was expanded to cover Microsoft SQL databases. It was based on the modular and highly flexible SystemCare service product. The service components and associated performance parameters were defined on a modular basis according to the criticality of the individual database instances and then set out in an SLA.

Optimised costs and benefits

In this way, Rehaklinik Bellikon receives a tailored SLA that meets its needs. Database support and maintenance have been ensured in a sensitive data environment and the costs and benefits of the existing infrastructure have been optimised. In addition to this, the new solution offers the highest possible standard of quality thanks to the consistent use of tools and best practices with Trivadis as a strategic partner of Microsoft (Gold) and Oracle (Platinum).


Rehaklinik Bellikon is the leading specialist clinic for acute trauma rehabilitation, sports medicine, professional integration and medical expertise, and is widely respected both in Switzerland and beyond. Its staff possess highly specialist knowledge and decades of experience in accident rehabilitation. This is reflected in top-class treatment results and the high level of satisfaction among its patients and referring doctors.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Server
  • Oracle

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