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1 instead of 30 minutes: Intelligent IT creates efficient processes

A company in the banking sector wanted to make its recurring work processes more efficient by implementing a Jira solution. Trivadis was there to advise the company.

In Short


Repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time and are error-prone.


Jira solution adapted and optimised to the needs of the customer.


Save time and reduce errors through automated intelligent data use.

Our solution

Virtually every company has a variety of time-consuming and repetitive workflows. If they are carried out manually, they are also prone to error. This was also a problem for a company in the banking sector. For example, relevant data was distributed into two separate systems that were not linked to one another. This data had to be compiled and condensed manually in Excel files. And then an e-mail report had to be generated from the resulting output. Altogether this process could take up to 30 minutes. The company was therefore looking for ways to improve these and other processes, and decided to implement a Jira solution tailored to the company.

A project in three phases

Trivadis has been supporting the company in this process for five years now, during which the Jira solution has been continuously adapted and optimised to individual needs. Overall, the project ran in the following three phases:

  • Introduction of Jira: Processing of requirements and their technical implementation is uniformly recorded and tracked. Jira is subsequently expanded to reflect the department's test management.
  • Transfer to Jira: The solution, initially only used as a departmental tool, becomes an application used throughout the company.
  • Migration from Jira: The application previously running on special servers is migrated to Azure Cloud.

Specific objectives were defined within these three phases. In the first phase, the introduction of Jira, the focus was on implementing a standardised and tool-supported process so that the requirement, implementation and test management could be mapped. In the second phase, Trivadis helped the company in developing and establishing an operating concept suitable for a critical enterprise application. Trivadis also provided support in technical process workshops for all stakeholders. The third phase focused on the migration to the Azure Cloud, with Trivadis providing operational support and helping to define a test bed for technical and performance tests.

I was particularly pleased to see how much energy was released in the users for exciting new topics that had previously been wasted on repetitive and monotonous work.

Steffen Schluff, Team Leader, Trivadis

Common system for IT and specialist departments

With Jira, the company now has a uniform system for requirement, implementation and test management. It can be shared by IT as well as the specialist departments and specialist department support. Thanks to Jira, all stakeholders have faster and error-free access to the data relevant to them. In addition, the same solution can be used for different target groups with different IT skills. On top of that, routine work is now automated – in short, Jira is an application that makes everyday work much easier.

Efficiency and fewer errors – thanks to intelligent IT

The Jira application makes work more efficient and error-free, as intelligent IT assumes time-consuming and error-prone routine tasks. What used to take 30 minutes now takes a maximum of 1 minute. All important data is also stored at a "single point of truth". This eliminates lengthy searches and you do not receive data that is incorrect or outdated. You can communicate with colleagues alongside the data and adapt the user interface to your own needs. With the support of Trivadis, the efficiency-enhancing Jira application has been implemented successfully and the company is now saving a lot more than just 29 minutes.

Technology used

  • Jira

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