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Digitalization of a variety of offers for seniors

In order to work more efficiently, the different IT systems of Pro Senectute should be unified. Trivadis developed a central ERP solution for this purpose.

In Short


Digitalisation of business processes across organisational units.


Development of an integrated webbased ERP solution with various modules.


The ERP solution covers all activities including statistics, reporting and module management.

Our Solution

Pro Senectute is an independent non-profit organization that works to promote the wellbeing of seniors. As part of its strategy, Pro Senectute made the decision in 2011 to harmonize its IT systems. Its goal was to use a maximum of two software solutions for its social work – the core area of Pro Senectute – in all its organizations in the canton, allowing it to work more efficiently. As most of the existing software systems were obsolete, it made sense to develop something new with more suitable technologies. Pro Senectute Vaud and Pro Senectute Arc Jurassien initiated the project GERAS to do so.

Harmonized business processes across cantonal organizations

Trivadis won the tender through its offer to develop an integrated, web-based ERP solution that can be accessed via a secure URL.

The ERP solution was developed with Java and contains modules for:

  • Contacting (the core of the application)
  • Social work
  • Financial assistance
  • Meal services
  • Volunteer and paid work
  • Activities and services
  • Billing
  • Donors

The solution also features a statistics, reporting and module administration system.

At the start of this adventure, we faced the challenge of creating a tool that was coherent and suitable for users as well as the management. The result shows that we made the right choice with Trivadis!

Geneviève Gervasoni, Head of HR and Administration, Pro Senectute

The application covers all activities

The ERP solution GERAS meets all of the criteria laid out at the start of the project. The various modules cover all activities of Pro Senectute and thus make the following possible:

  • a complete overview and coherent activities,
  • activity-based reports and statistics that can be made available to donors,
  • an efficient overview of the number of customers and their characteristics, which is useful for communications and procurement,
  • ensuring uninterrupted services during an employee absence.

The core element of the project was the implementation of the module for social work in the Pro Senectute canton Vaud and Arc Jurassien. It showed that GERAS doesn’t just work but that it fulfils the requirements perfectly. This success proved the added value of the new ERP solution, leading other cantonal organizations to join the project. The solution has now also been adopted by Pro Senectute Switzerland. GERAS is now in use in all cantons in western Switzerland, in Ticino and in numerous German-speaking cantons.


Pro Senectute is the largest specialist and services organization for seniors in Switzerland. Its goal is to contribute to the material, physical and mental well-being of seniors and to help them maintain or expand their ability to live independently and take part in society. Pro Senectute does so in close cooperation with partners, volunteers and donors.

Technologies used

  • Java
  • Vaadin
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB

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