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Efficient and secure data management thanks to SLA

A master data management system (MDMS) with over 200 interfaces to peripheral systems and a data warehouse platform with over 250 data warehouses entail a wide range of requirements in terms of availability and performance. With an SLA from Trivadis, a large pharmaceutical company can meet these requirements at any time.

In Short


High demands on availability and performance of two central company applications.


Support and further development of applications by SLA with nearshoring team.


High data quality and fail-safe operation as well as the ability to react flexibly to new requirements.

Our solution

There is hardly a department within the company that is not involved with or a beneficiary of a Master Data Management System (MDMS) in some form. For a company employing over 100,000 people worldwide, the availability and performance requirements for a system like this are high. For a leading global pharmaceutical company, Trivadis has developed an MDMS that is precisely tailored to the expected requirements and needs of the various users.

Central company applications

The MDMS centrally distributes master data via ° 200 interfaces to peripheral systems that exist within the group in the "Pharma" business area. The data management meets both the central requirements of the MDMS and the decentralised requirements of the surrounding systems. As the MDMS is now a central application within the company, the operation of the system was secured by a multi-year maintenance contract. In addition to managing the interfaces of the MDMS, the governance and operation of a data warehouse platform with over 250 data warehouses (DWH) was another challenge.

Here, too, Trivadis has been supporting the customer for many years, such as by having the specialists constantly check the platform for "performance guzzlers". They do this by regularly analysing queries (database queries) that take more than 100 seconds and, if necessary, giving the developers advice on how to write the query more efficiently.

Service Level Agreement for system support

Both the MDMS and DWH platform are used throughout the company. There are hardly any departments, divisions or business areas within the Group that are not involved in or benefit from at least one of the two applications in any form – directly or indirectly. Due to the intensive use of the two systems, the company has concluded an SLA with Trivadis. Because so many users access these two central services, the response times have been set at a maximum of 1 to 2 hours.

Furthermore, it is important to promote the central role of the two applications and to continue to drive the innovative approaches that were started many years ago. This is the reason why the service was already laid out in an SLA many years ago. We have already concluded the third 3-year extension of the SLA contract with the company.

Sebastian Bloch, Head of Managed Services, Trivadis in Brugg, Switzerland

Service, support and consulting by a nearshore team from Trivadis

The technical challenges in this project are divided into two parts: On the one hand, the requirements of the GxP guidelines (Good Working Practice) in the pharmaceutical sector had to be met. Trivadis also offers comprehensive consulting and services in project management, business analysis, requirements engineering and application development. On the other hand, numerous tools are used to ensure the high standards of data quality.

A nearshore team from Trivadis was able to successfully face both challenges. The team takes care of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support and provides constant further development of the systems. The price performance offered with high savings, the expertise, as well as the service focus tipped the scales in favour of the Trivadis team for the customer. The team offers the customer fast and flexible services and advice on both the technical and professional level and successfully implements the order in line with the customer's expectations.

Technologies used

  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle database
  • XML
  • Javascript
  • APIs
  • Trivadis products: TVDxORA


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