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Data analysis in self-service mode

Together with automotive specialist Mazda Austria, Trivadis implemented a data warehouse and BI system that was rolled out in 17 countries. In addition to time efficiency and simpler processes, this creates access to a constant database for all departments.

In Short


Data analysis and reporting via an external Excel-based reporting system.


A data warehouse and BI system with standard Oracle software products.


The self-service BI solution enables analyses and decisions from different perspectives.

Our solution

What does self-service BI mean? Essentially, it is a business intelligence platform prepared by the IT department, which gives various specialist departments such as sales, finance or warranties the opportunity to carry out independent data analyses directly and create their own reports.

BI system replaces Excel-based reporting

Mazda Austria realised that a business intelligence system only makes sense if users can independently prepare and analyse the data required for their work processes – all within a short space of time. For a long time, the company worked with an Excel-based reporting system that could only be serviced externally. If, for example, a new vehicle model was introduced at Mazda, the corresponding data had to be imported (integrated) via an external service provider. This was, of course, as cumbersome and time-consuming as it sounds

Efficient system for all departments

Trivadis implemented a new data warehouse and BI system for Mazda Austria with the standard Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) software products. During intensive workshops, the target architecture for central data storage and data management was developed together with Mazda and implemented by Trivadis in several development stages. This then served as a basis for BI reporting and also enabled the metadata models, BI analyses and dashboards to be implemented:

  • Creation of the data warehouse design
  • Implementation of loading plans with Oracle Data Integrator
  • Realisation of models, BI analyses and dashboards with OBIEE
  • Training and education of end users in the specialist areas
  • Quick win: Deployment of the first release after two and a half months
  • Completion in regular releases every 4 to 5 months• Continuous further development and opening up of new data sources

In the individual departments, analysts were trained in business intelligence. These analysts have direct access and the relevant permissions and can create reports according to their expectations. As a result, the BI system can be used efficiently by all departments – from vehicle sales, spare parts management, to the warranties, finance or sales planning departments through to the marketing department.

Data evaluation in self-service mode

“A self-service BI solution is shaped by several factors for success. A central and consistent database – also known as a “single point of truth“ – ensures that authorised employees in an organisation can quickly access the right data and, above all, use consistent figures. An almost self-explanatory reporting front-end and solid user training enable the business departments to evaluate relevant data in self-service mode and also interpret results correctly,” reports Günther Krobath, BI manager at Trivadis in Vienna.

Fast system: 7 hours saved

The BI system was first introduced at the headquarters in Klagenfurt and then gradually integrated into department by department and rolled out in 17 central European countries. The individual country organisations were excited about the possibilities when presented with the newself-service BI solution.The web interface is intuitive to use and the data can be accessed from anywhere: from the office, from home or while out and about. The system’s speed can also be derived from the following key figure: In the past, it took a total of eight hours to load the system (with relatively little data), and now the BI system loads with a great deal more data within one hour.

The new BI solution creates true added value for Mazda Austria because now employees can analyse corporate data from different perspectives and use it to make important decisions.

Hans-Peter Petek, information services manager, Mazda Austria

Cooperation as a key to success

Mazda’s close and strong cooperation with Trivadis was a key factor in the project’s success. The basic pillars of the solution architecture were coordinated at the beginning of the project and the BI system was specified, implemented and put into practice in several agile iterations. The early involvement of the specialist departments enabled a high level of user acceptance for the database provided. The accompanying training of end users with the newBI front-end supported a quick introduction to the BI tool and the independent creation of reports.The excellent communication from the BI manager concerning the project’s progress using newsletters and BI project marketing articles brought the project to a successful conclusion at Mazda Austria.


Mazda operates an international sales, marketing and logistics organisation in Klagenfurt for the wholesale of cars and spare parts. With around 110 employees, Mazda Austria supplies a total of over 400 retail and workshop partners in 21 countries with cars, spare parts and mobility services. Mazda Austria GmbH is a subsidiary of the listed Mazda Corporation based in Hiroshima, Japan.

Technologies used

  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Edition

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