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Error-free data availability

Banking business that runs smoothly requires top-notch IT. As with all banks, it is extremely important for LGT that its data is secure and available at all times. However, due to the continuous growth of data, conventional data protection solutions at LGT have reached their limits.

In Short


Securing globally growing data volumes in a complex environment.


Automation tools db* BASENV and db* BACKUP from Trivadis.


A clever backup strategy that saves resources, time and money.

Our Solution

LGT is steeped in tradition and also highly modern. The bank is owned by the princely House of Liechtenstein and, like all banks, security and the availability of data are its top priority. After all, its customers are counting on error-free service – at all times. The database administrators at LGT work hard day in, day out to ensure this. But the data volume is growing immensely in the modern world of finance, and with it, so are the requirements.

Data volumes are growing around the world – how can it all be secured?

The database team is responsible for technical administration of all global LGT Oracle databases. The continually growing data volume necessitated new solutions for securing data. The increased requirements for Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) also needed to be addressed, suitable backup resources provided and complex recovery tests carried out for all production systems (roughly 150 databases).

“The challenge lay in covering the existing requirements for backup and recovery in a complex and growing environment with as little operational effort as possible with economical hardware and licensing costs and hardware resource requirements,” the team of LGT Database Administrators (DBA) explains.

Backups today are intelligent and economical

We thoroughly analysed the customer’s situation and decided together to implement the automation tools db* BASENV and db* BACKUP from Trivadis. We used db* BASENV to simplify online and batch operations of Oracle databases. We also introduced db* BACKUP, which comprises four primary areas:

  • Intelligent Backup
  • Backup
  • Restore/Recovery
  • Reporting

The core element is Intelligent Backup from Trivadis. This means that LGT no longer has to carry out its backups at set intervals. Intelligent Backup is continuously learning and determines the ideal time to carry out backups on its own, managing these intelligently. To do so, Intelligent Backup takes into account database server utilization, hard disk capacity, the number of backups running in parallel and many other factors. We also ensured that the events or potential issues with backups were monitored by LGT’s ITSM (IT Service Management). This gives the administrator team an overview of everything.

The intelligent backup control thinks for itself. Instead of daily recurring full or incremental backups, we can rely on Intelligent Backup from Trivadis to initiate the necessary backups. This takes into account the utilisation of the systems.

Team of LGT database administrators

A clever backup strategy that saves time and costs

The result: The customer was able to avoid having to expand their hardware. Our tools made it possible to reduce the hard disk and tape capacity for backups by one third – without reducing the high security requirements. In addition, they save costs for the annual recovery tests that would otherwise have been needed. These are now carried out automatically by db* BACKUP.


LGT is the largest Private Banking and Asset Management group in the world to be owned by an entrepreneurial family. As the family office of the Princely House of Liechtenstein, the bank has vast expertise in the management of family assets. This expertise is also the foundation for working together with the customer. LGT combines its longestablished services in Private Banking and Asset Management with additional services, for example in the philanthropic sector.

Technologies used

  • db* BASENV
  • db* BACKUP
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Recovery Manager (RMAN)

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