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Efficient business processes

Trivadis guarantees a logistics company smooth operation of its core applications around the clock and across national borders and ensures that they are maintained and further developed.

In Short


The goal was to make business processes more efficient with modern IT.


Operation, maintenance and ongoing development of applications using Managed Services.


High level of availability and short response times ensure seamless operations.

A leading, globally active logistics company set itself the goal of making its business processes more efficient by using and developing state-of-the-art IT. To ensure that all operations run seamlessly, it is essential that the group’s business-critical core applications work faultlessly at all of the company’s locations and can also be quickly restored in the event of a problem. The replication of independent databases at locations with unreliable Internet connections was just one of the major technical challenges in this process. A further aim was to ensure continuous improvement to applications developed in-house and, above all, to standardise them on an international scale.

In Trivadis, we have found an IT partner that is on hand to help us with a pool of skilled specialists. Without them, we as a company would have been unable to maintain such a complicated structure.

CIO of the logistics company

Cross-border managed services

To safeguard the operation, maintenance and ongoing development of its applications, the logistics company opted for Managed Services from Trivadis. This three-year service agreement covers the international installation of a core application with around 600 in-house users at various locations, most of which are in Africa. This application is business-critical because it regulates all of the logistic company’s freight handling processes. The agreement also includes the backing-up of seven Oracle database instances’ operations at the group’s East African locations, including database monitoring, in an effort to keep availability at a high level and to allow any disruptions to be responded to quickly. Trivadis is now also available as a development partner for the ongoing optimisation of in-house applications and their international standardisation. What’s more, Trivadis supports the in-house development team with enhancing their knowledge in the field of new technology and suggests ideas for how development processes could be improved. The company is also able to access a pool of technical experts with cutting-edge expertise via Trivadis’s service desk.

Better planning reliability for resources

With Trivadis SystemCare, the logistics company receives a high level of availability and short response times, guaranteeing the seamless operation of all business-critical applications. The logistics expert also benefits from:

  • Controllable costs for operations and software maintenance
  • Safeguarding of application-specific expertise
  • Long-term value retention of the application software over the entire life cycle
  • Availability of promising new technology
  • Flexibility for changing service requirements
  • Smaller workload and better planning reliability for resources

By working with Trivadis, the group was able to improve and standardise its application development processes. The applications are stable, while the costs for operations, support and maintenance remain calculable. The IT department is able to concentrate on its core business, while still having 24/7 access to the latest expertise from the technical experts at Trivadis.

Technologies used

  • Oracle 12
  • Weblogic
  • Oracle Golden Gate for data replication
  • Nimbus

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