Customer Story

Turning data into added value along the supply chain

A data analytics platform from Trivadis draws analytical KPIs from data along the entire goods supply chain, generating added value for Inexto customers.

In Short


Vast amount of data gathered along the supply chain that could not be used for analysis.


Based on a modern Azure architecture, the solution allows to generate KPIs from the data.


Generating added value from the data gathered and thus being able to offer new features in products.

Our Solution

Today, serialization and tracking are two important steps in ensuring supply chain traceability after production. For this, products must be uniquely identified by an individual serial number. Throughout the supply chain, products are registered as soon as they pass a stage, starting with packaging. The data collected must be stored in a system, to which stakeholders have access throughout the logistics process. Traceability is the ability to follow a product in real time and to know where it is: is it still in production or already in storage, in preparation or already loaded? And where is the goods, the truck?

Further evaluate immense data volume

Inexto SA, a leading provider of said software and services, offers its customers solutions for serializing and tracking goods that gather data on the goods along the entire supply chain – from the finished product to its point of sale. The data volume this generates is staggering. In the past, these data were not evaluated. Now, however, analytical KPIs were also to be derived from the data to generate added value for the customer. This would be accomplished through a new solution.

Increase the value of the data collected

Trivadis advised using a data analytics platform. The existing security model would also need to be ensured for the data analytics platform. In addition, this platform should run on Azure and be scalable while keeping the costs for using Azure as low as possible. The Trivadis solution is based on a modern Azure Cloud architecture. Using Power BI, the data collected is visualized and made available via an integrated dashboard. The new Inexto solution is easy to deploy to customers. The Trivadis solution will make it possible to generate added value from the data that Inexto gathers with its existing solutions. This enables Inexto to offer new features in its applications that, in turn, allow their customers to increase the value of data gathered along the entire supply chain.

Trivadis began this project as a consultant for technology and architecture to find the best solution according to the specifications. Based on this, Trivadis was commissioned to implement an initial environment – from data collection, KPI calculations and adoption of the security model (end-to-end) to the integration of a dashboard into the existing solution. This data analysis platform could also be used very well for other companies and industries - with different data, of course, but the same concept to optimize data import, retrieval and analysis.


Inexto is a provider of innovative software and services for authentication, secure serialization, tracking and tracing and production volume control. Its technologies enable to secure more than 100 billion items each year. Its customers come from a wide range of industries, such as consumer and luxury goods as well as automotive.

Technologies used

  • Azure DevOps pipelines
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI embedded
  • Azure Automation
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Git
  • Operations Management Suite
  • Visual Studio

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