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In order to act efficiently and customeroriented, retailers must keep an overview of sales, goods movements and customer behaviour. Trivadis has established a solution at Globus that can do this and more.

In Short


Reporting tool that provides analyses on sales, movements of goods and customer habits.


Development of a data warehouse (DWH) based on the DWH automation tool biGENiUS®.


Reports provide information about the performance of and interaction between brands and products.

Our Solution

Advancing digitalisation, changing customer habits, increasing competitive pressure: Retail is facing massive challenges. Against this backdrop, companies in the sector need to make effective and economical use of the opportunities presented by information technology. This is about much more than just linking online and offline trade. It’s about digitalising the entire value chain – about looking at customers, suppliers and staff alike. Data plays an essential role in this. Most retailers have already been collecting data about customers and their shopping habits for years. And not just via their online sales, but also, for example, using sensor and till systems in bricks-and-mortar stores. However, this data is rarely converted into valuable information and rendered into a usable form for the business.

This is precisely what our work for Magazine zum Globus AG wanted to remedy. The Swiss retail company runs department stores in the country’s twelve most important cities, and also launched an online platform in 2018. Since it was set up in the 19th century, Globus has succeeded in attracting loyal customers with high-quality goods and a corresponding shopping experience. But like the rest of the sector, the business is under pressure. As such, the premium retailer was looking for ways to make internal processes more efficient and be able to fulfil customer expectations more successfully.

Intelligent structures for optimum data analysis

Those in charge at Globus wanted to be able to gain quick insights from the available data in the future. This called for a reporting tool that provides them with analyses on sales, movements of goods and customer habits as quickly as possible. To enable the corresponding data to be queried from various sources without affecting the performance of the operative systems (SAP, CRM, etc.), it was first necessary to set up a data warehouse (DWH). Our DWH automation tool biGENiUS® provided the basis for this. This supports the entire DWH lifecycle: from analysis through to design and development to operation of the DWH. To begin with, the data warehouse was operated on an SQL server in the local infrastructure. At that point in time, the data came from logistics software, CRM, ERP and Business Warehouse.


In May 2019, the Migros Group announced that it would be selling Magazine zum Globus. Against this background, those responsible at Globus decided to migrate the DWH from the local infrastructure to Google Cloud. As a result, it is now possible to collect, aggregate, refine and analyse till transaction data, customer frequency data and customer card data in the cloud as well.

The intelligent use of our data enables us to better understand customers and fulfil their wishes more quickly. This is fundamental to the success of our business. Trivadis is providing us with excellent support in our journey to digital transformation.

Jonas Bandick, Head of Customer Analytics and Reporting, Globus

Immediate detection of customer needs

Building on this, we implemented a reporting and analysis tool as a visualisation solution using Tableau, which makes the sales movements in Globus’ sales locations visible. The dashboard displays site plans as interactive graphics and shows various key figures on the location’s performance. For example, direct information can be obtained about which goods sell on which days at which locations and in what form and how the various brands and products interact. This makes purchasing, logistics and personnel planning much easier and enables these processes to be quickly adapted to current customer requirements.

Trivadis is also advising Globus on detaching parts of its applications from its former parent company’s infrastructure and has developed a multi-cloud strategy for this purpose. Combining a wide range of data at a single point of truth avoids redundancies and helps to create a cross-functional view with uniform definitions and KPIs. The Tableau reports provide clear information about the individual performance of and interaction between different brands and products. Globus therefore has a very solid basis of data for making decisions regarding its product range and sales spaces and for improving customer experience.


Magazine zum Globus AG runs twelve Globus department stores and around 38 specialist shops in Switzerland. The company’s headquarters and its logistics and distribution centre are located in Zurich. Between 1997 and 2020, the company was part of the Migros Group, the largest retailer in Switzerland.

Technologies used

  • biGENiUS
  • Theobald
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Tableau

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